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RPGamer is a media and news website dedicated to covering role-playing video games. Its coverage includes North American game news, European game news, Asian game news, gaming industry news, game reviews, game previews, hands-on game impressions, gaming conventions, game merchandise, release dates, contests, and interviews. It provides reviews for role-playing games and maintains professional contacts with video game developers and producers. RPGamer has been quoted in various media and on game boxes.[1]

RPGamer also has various columns dedicated to fan-submitted content; these focus on game reviews, remixed music, editorials, and traditional and digital art. Other methods of fan interaction that they support are a message forum, IRC chat, and monthly poll.


RPGamer was founded in April 1995 by Andrew Vestal as the UnOfficial SquareSoft HomePage (UOSSHP), a fan site devoted to the games of Square. In mid-1997 it changed its name to Square.Net and had the distinction of being hosted on Square's own web server for several months. Then, in late-1997, Andrew Vestal closed the site due to two reasons. The main one was a large amount of spam, but also this unwanted attention leads Square USA's management on a path that found the site was on their servers without their knowledge. Square expressed their discontent with the situation by removing all the Square.Net files from their servers.

Due to legal troubles, Vestal handed the content of the site to Mikel Tidwell and helped resurrect it on March 11, 1998, as RPGamer. The new site was founded to cover RPGs specifically and immediately expanded to cover companies other than Square. By the same token, all content related to Square's non-RPG titles was removed.


Current Staff:[2]

Name Alias Role
Chris Privitere Sabin1001 Owner, RPGCast Producer
Michael Cunningham Macstorm Editor-in-Chief/PR
Sam Marchello Nyx PR Assistant
Alex Fuller Severinmira Head of News
Becky Cunningham Ocelot News & Media
Nathan Schlothan TwinBahamut News & Media
Alice Wilkinson Quin News & Media
Ken Staples CofLSilk iOS Reporter
Michael Baker GaijinMonogatari Japandemonium Columnist
Emanuel Merino Risingsuntzu Columnist
Trent Seely InstaTrent Editor/Columnist
Scott Wachter Fowl Sorcerous Tabletop RPG News Editor
Michael Apps Wheels Q&A Podcast Host
Phillip Willis JCServant RPG Backtrack Producer
Mike Moehnke JuMeSyn RPG Backtrack Host, Reviewer
Adriaan den Ouden omegabyte Reviewer
Zach Welhouse Nekobasu Game Reviewer
Glenn Wilson SeventhCircle Game Reviewer
Paul Engemann Keldarus Content Editor
Sarah McGarr Noodle Graphics
Anna Marie Privitere Paws Podcast Personality
Ed Walker Foxworth Webmaster
Mikel Tidwell Firemyst Former Owner


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