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When specific enemies are destroyed on the screen, the following items appear:

  • Shot Item
For shots, by continuously obtaining the item already loaded onboard. the power is increased up to a levels. (Bonus points are accumulated when the item already onboard at its maximum power level is obtained again.)
  • Vulcan
Standard-equipped shots. When the power is increased, enemies can be shot in wide-range.
  • Laser
Shoots with enormous power in the forward direction. When the power is increased. the shots become wide range.
  • Missile Item
For missiles, by continuously obtaining the item already loaded onboard, the power is increased up to four levels. Bonus points are accumulated when the item already on board at its maximum power level is obtained again.
  • Nuclear
When the enemy is hit, this missile blows up and applies large damage. The blow and the missile count increases when the power increases.
  • Homing
This is a missile which chases the tail end of the enemy craft. The homing function improves when the power increases.
  • Bomber Items
The bomber is used from the last obtained bomber (on the center screen) first. When starting or restarting the game, 3 bombers or dispersion bombers are loaded on the craft. The craft can carry up to 7 bombers. If another bomber is obtained when the craft already has 7 bombers loaded, bonus points are accumulated.
  • Bomber
Makes a large explosion, and explodes the enemy crafts and enemy bullets for a certain amount of time. The power is significant, but the disadvantages are that there is a time lag until the explosion, and the attack range is narrow. It is useful to get players out of tight spots in certain situations.
  • Fairy
The fairy is hidden somewhere, and the fairy appears by shooting at a certain point on the screen. When the fairy is obtained, it will help the player when the craft is destroyed, by giving a power-up item to you. This fairy cannot be hit by the player's shots, so even don't worry about the fairy turning into a ten-point shot and disappearing.
  • Full Power-Up
This appears under certain conditions, and when obtained, the shots and missiles will reach maximum power. But if you don't have missiles, this Full Power-Up only boosts your shots to maximum level. 10000 bonus points are awarded when this item is obtained when the player already has maximum power.
  • Medal
When a medal is obtained, bonus points are obtained. When a level is completed, the number of medals multiplied by the remaining bombers becomes the level completion bonus.
  • Miracles
Miracles appear instead of medals, and become 10,000 bonus points.


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