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''''' (レイプレイ?) is a 3D eroge simulation video game developed by Illusion. It was released on April 21, 2006 in Japan. The game consists of an improved 3D engine, and is mainly played through moving the mouse in an circular motion and using the wheel. The main story of RapeLay is shorter than those of Illusion's previous games, but it allegedly has more replay value than Illusion's previous games. RapeLay also has a "nakadashi" (creampie) counter.

Given that adult-only games, like this one, are not allowed to have wikis due to Fandom's community creation policy, there is currently no wiki for this game, nor will there ever be.

Storyline[ | ]

The player plays as a chikan (a perverted man who frequently fondles women) in crowded subway trains. A young woman named Aoi has the player arrested after she witnesses him molesting another woman. Afterwards, the player plans to exact revenge by molesting and raping her entire family. His first victim is Manaka, Aoi's younger sister; he follows her on the subway and begins molesting and groping her, causing her to flee when the subway train stops at it's destination. After she flees to a public bathroom in an attempt to call for help with her phone, she realizes to her horror it's missing and the player causes it to ring outside the door, causing her to open it and allowing the player to barge in and successfully handcuff her near the wall to her horror. He then rapes her in the public bathroom, and proceeds to kick her on the ground before taking pictures of her semen covered body and threatening to send them to her mother and sister if she doesn't follow his instructions. His next target is Yuko, the mother of Aoi and Manaka; After having Manaka feign sickness the next day and stay home, the player follows Yuko on the train as well and proceeds to grope and molest her as well, before she also flees the train and goes to the park in fear and confusion on why he fondled her. She is then called by Manaka who says she's hurt and hidden in a thicket bush in the park, but this is a lie orchestrated by the player to lure Yuko there so he can ambush her, however at the last second Manaka tells her mother to run but she is quickly silenced by the player's goons who were likely near the house in case she decided to foil his plan. The player then approaches her saying he's a friend of Manaka, but Yuko calls him a liar as she draws closer to him. He kicks her away, causing her to hit a tree, making her fall down and allowing the player to hand cuff her as well before proceeding to rape her from the back. After he's had his way with her, he proceeds to kick her stomach and her rib weakening her as she angrily demands to know why he's doing this, before he reveals to her his plan to exact revenge on Aoi, and he shows her the pictures taken of Manaka, covered in semen from the aftermath of him assaulting her. Desperate and angry, she attempts to attack the player by attempting to go on top of him in an effort to take the photos from him but his gang of goons are able to knock her unconscious and apprehend her and take pictures of her as well. Aoi is the main character's third target, the woman who had turned him in to the police. After Manaka calls Yuko's job and saying she's sick and after letting Aoi know her mother would he working late, Aoi begins to suspect something is wrong due to Manaka's strange behavior the past few days. She boards the train where the player shows her the pictures of her family, and to her horror with no choice but to follow his instructions, he gropes her on the train and gets off the train with her. She questions why he's doing this but he reveals to her he's the man she had arrested and that he's orchestrated this entire plan to not only get revenge against her but also her mother and sister. After he and his goons drive her to own of his family's owned hotels, he finally ties Aoi up and rapes her in the hotel room, taking her virginity. He then kicks her brutally while she's lying down and proceeds to take pictures of her semen covered body as she fearfully screams and begs him to stop while the player's goons assist in holding her down. Afterwards, Aoi demands to see her mother, as she says he's already gotten what he wanted.

Afterwards via a secret room, he brings out Manaka and Yuko. Yuko pleads with the main character to take her instead by offering her own sexual services if it means her daughters being free but her pleas fall short and the main character decides to make all three his sexual slaves with further threats. They all finally realize the hopelessness of the situation, and they reluctantly surrender to their fates of being his sex slaves.

After this, the player gets to have sex with them whenever and wherever they choose, with the sex sessions from this point on being counted towards breaking them, meaning if the player achieves all of the requirements for each girl, the girl will no longer resist your sexual acts and will instead enjoy it rather than being unwilling.

Characters[ | ]

  • Manaka: A younger girl with short black hair who wears a blue dress, she is the youngest girl in the game and has the smallest breast size and the least endowed body compared to her older sister and mother. Being the youngest, she's a lot more innocent than her feisty older sister and her mother, with her reacting alot more passively and fearfully to her sexual assault. She moans a lot more than the other characters and tends to look at the player with fearful cute eyes during sex, and is prone to being scared. The player can make her wear cat ears so that she will produce cat noises. She is the first victim and is who the protagonist uses to make phone calls to her mother after she is instructed to feign sickness the day after she is assaulted.
  • Aoi: A brunette girl with long hair who wears a school girl uniform. She is more resistant than both of the other characters, as she will more quickly react to being groped and will attempt to pull her skirt and clothes back down if the player lifts them up during groping. Her hair ornament is optional and she can wear her hair down if the player wishes. She is the final victim of the game who is able to be apprehended after showing pictures of her mother and sister to her as a threat to their safety. Like her mother, she is very concerned about her family and will angrily demand that the player not involve them into the situation for what she did to the player.
  • Yuko: A brunette women with a green shirt and large breasts and is a lot older than the other two characters, and is also not a virgin unlike her daughters for obvious reasons. Yuko can wear glasses to make her produce different sound effects. She is the second victim and is lured to a bush in the park by her daughter Manaka who calls her saying she's hurt in a nearby bush which leads to Manaka trying to tell her mother to run at the last second but this is useless as Yuko is quickly attacked and assaulted. Compared to her youngest daughter, she is more resistant but appears to be more concerned about the safety of her daughters as she angrily attempts to attack the player after he tells her his plan to exact revenge on Aoi but she is knocked unconscious before she is able to overwhelm him by his goons.
Rapelay characters

(Left to right) Manaka, Yuko, Aoi

Gameplay[ | ]

The object of the game is to "break" the three girls; that is to say, to force the girls to enjoy your molesting them rather than resist it. After completing the storyline, there are five modes of gameplay. Some of the gameplay modes are locked and can be unlocked by achieving talismans for various skills under each girl's picture. The game is open ended with two exceptions: if the player impregnates one of the girls (Black ending) or the player gets killed by Aoi before she has been broken (Red ending.) If the player impregnates one of the girls and decides to keep the child, the main character gets thrown into an oncoming train after a certain number of days thereafter. The other ending is obtained if one or more characters apart from Aoi are in the 'fertilized' stage, Aoi hasn't been broken and the player initiates Cowgirl position with her, triggering her to stab the player repetitively. She also seen to laugh manically and continue to mutilate him after she could not pull out the players penis. Rapelay was the first game offered by Illusion that allowed the player to have sex with more than one female at a time.

Similarities to Interact Play VR[ | ]

Interestingly, if one has played Interact Play VR, both games are noted to have quite a couple of similarities, due to both games being developed with a similar premise as is common in the Play series of Illusion games. As the successor to the Interact Play VR game, the following similarities are as follows:

  • Both use the same soundtrack, albeit with different placements and usage in different situations such as the main menu theme being retained, the free play menu theme being reused from Interact Play's groping scenes, etc. Certain tracks however are not reused, and the full track that the free play menu screen uses isn't fully used, as it uses a a shorter loop of the track.

In Interact Play VR, there is music that always plays during the various scenes in the game, but this isn't the case in Rapelay, with the menus, and cutscenes being the only places that music is played.

  • The story structure is similar with the protagonist preying on all the girls and blackmailing them after their assaults to ensure cooperation. However in Rapelay, all of the girls are related, and the story is revenge driven, taking place over a few days due to the protagonist having been arrested due to Aoi, but he's released due to his father's influence. Interact Play does not have any relation between the girls besides two of them being best friends, and one woman being their teacher, and the story takes place over a few weeks. The man also has no prior connection to any of the girls, with him assaulting and groping them being merely on a malicious whim for personal pleasure. Both have had prior arrests before the main events of the game however.
  • Interact Play VR has 5 girls to assault: an honor high school student, a sickly young schoolgirl, her best friend who is a tomboyish young schoolgirl with a martial arts background, an older schoolteacher who teaches both the young schoolgirls, and a disguised bodyguard who is supposed to protect the school teacher. Rapelay lessens the number to 3 girls who are all related: a young underage girl who is the youngest and most meek, A mother who is the most developed and the mother of the other two, and the protagonist's main target, who is a feisty high schoolgirl.
  • Nokai mode is largely similar to Interact Play's beginning mode where the player watches the girl, however there is no time limit or consequence for letting the girl notice you while you "wait" for the subway train. The ability to pray and cause a gust of wind to blow up the girl's skirt is new, as well as the ability to insert vibrators and remove clothes and there being no time limit while viewing the girls.
  • The chikan mode is almost largely the same, but there is no longer a "resistance" meter or "ecstacy" meter, now there is only one meter that can lead to visible pleasure and orgasm(after the main story is finished). The girl however will now physically resist by removing the player's hands from prolonged groping, and clothes can be manually lifted rather than requiring a certain amount of ecstacy to remove. The ability to "threaten" the girls via touching them in specific locations to lower reistance is removed but to replace it, the player can touch the girl in areas like her face to lower her guard when wanting to touch more sexual areas. The women in Rapelay will also visually become wet when closer to orgasm, while nothing visually changes on the girls in Interact Play VR besides blushing. Both games however have the girl rushing off of the subway trains after successfully filling up their pleasure/ecstacy meters to the highest possible level(Rapelay doesn't allow meter to be filled past 80%), but Interact Play always involves the protagonist using a specific item such as a chastity belt vibrator, anal beads, etc. to insert/applying to the girl complete grope session after successfully removing or tearing the needed clothes after filling her ecstacy meter to the max.
  • When having sex with the girls before completing the main story in Rapelay, all of the girls are handcuffed to prevent resistance. In Interact Play, the protagonist uses specific items as well as blackmail and threats beforehand to make the girls unable to resist, although one girl is handcuffed. Orgasm from the girl and player does not occur visually during the sex scene, while it does in Rapelay, likely due to the limitations of Interact Play. Interact Play also has a few more violent scene scenarios, such as being able to toss the teacher violently against the wall or floor to lead to her assault, as well as also allowing the player to step on her violently or beat her with a whip. Rapelay does have violence but only during the CG cutscenes before or after the assault of the three women.

Interact Play VR also does not technically have a post game free play mode, meaning it's possible to play the previous scenes for all girls, but only in their designated locations and available scenarios for sex, and the ending removes any possibility for the protagonist to realistically be able to continue to have further sex with the girls due to the protagonist's arrest and removal of his hands. Rapelay does have post game free play with the girls being docile to their sexual assaults at this point, but the main objective is to "break" them by fulfilling certain objectives on all of them to make them more willing and eventually enjoying their sexual encounters, as well as being able to have sex to involve 2 or all of the girls at the same time, including a gangbang with 4 other males. The location is also able to be changed, and all girls can partake in the same sexual actions. An extra menu is selectable in both games, but Interact Play only allows the option to replay the main 3 scenes including the CG movie sex scenes unlocked after raping the girls, including their CG art scenes. Rapelay allows the ability to access a menu that allows you to change whether the girl is resistant, docile, or accepting to sex, if they're pregnant or not, and their virginity status vaginally or anally.

  • The main story in Interact Play VR does have a final ending that does ultimately lead to the fate and arrest of the player, however RapeLay is generally open ended and the protagonist does not end up being arrested, instead succeeding in his revenge against Aoi and using the girls as his sex slaves after the final scene. The protagonist however can be killed from one of two endings if the wrong choices are made by allowing the pregnant girl to give birth to a child or by attempting to have sex with Aoi in the cowgirl position if she isn't "broken" before that. The protagonist from Interact Play does not die at all nor have the risk of being killed.
  • In Rapelay, there is no longer any choices that can lead to an arrest or game over during the main story unlike Interact Play, where making the wrong decisions can lead to a violent arrest.
  • Rapelay adds the ability to impregnate the girls, which can lead to pregnancy depending on if the girl is on her "danger" day, on her period, or if she's neutral. The player can continue sex with the women if they're visibly pregnant, but an option will appear eventually for an abortion which is needed to prevent a game over later on.
  • Rapelay's black ending where the protagonist is thrown in front of a subway train and dies is a reference to Interact Play, where the protagonist falls into a moving subway train as well. Unlike Rapelay however, the protagonist survives but his hands are amputated.

Story mode[ | ]

In story mode, the player has sex with the three girls in the order of Manaka, Yuko, and Aoi. The player starts off in the train station. Upon entering the train, the main character gropes the girl he is currently in the train with. Once the bar is 85% full, the main character arrives at the destination which is different for each girl. After the main character finishes having sex with all three girls, the players has the option of free play H scenes. so masturbating is optional

Nokai[ | ]

The main character says a prayer, and a gust of wind blows up the skirt of the girl. After certain conditions have been met, it's possible to insert vibrators but no touching or orgasm is involved.

Chikan[ | ]

When the player lifts up a girl's clothes and gropes her genitals and breasts. The girl also uses her hands and attempts to prevent the player from groping her, either by grabbing the player's ands and forcing them away from them or by covering their genitals or buttocks to prevent you touching them. Their face can be used to bring down their guard by groping and rubbing their face as a distraction. An option to use a dildo is available. Using certain positions using the mouse will allow you to lift up the girl's clothes as well as their skirt, exposing their underwear that you can then use the player's hands to reach under to directly fondle her genitals and breasts. The first time when playing the initial story mode, it's only possible for the player to bring the girl's pleasure meter to about 80% which will make her visibly wet, but it won't be possible to make her orgasm the first time as the train will reach it's destination forcing the player to stop. After the initial story is complete, future sessions in this mode will allow the girl to orgasm if the meter is filled, with the girl visibly climaxing as she attempts to muffle her moans in fear of being heard by the other passengers, which will result in her being visibly exhausted until the player restarts the session to continue groping her.

2P[ | ]

In this option, the player can have sex with any of the three girls. The main character is endangered of being killed under certain circumstances, but there are no level restrictions. There is also an option of different sex positions. In oral sex positions, the player must use the mouse wheel to control the sex acts, while in other positions, the player can move the mouse in a circular motion. There is also a danger of pregnancy. Like the chikan mode, it's not possible to make the girl orgasm the first time during the main story play through, but it will be possible after it's completed.

5P[ | ]

The player is restricted to one sexual position, but four males have sex with the girl. The level restrictions for this mode include locations with small space.

Shippo[ | ]

Also known as 3P or 4P mode. In this mode, the main character is able to have sex with two or three girls. In this scenario, the main character is in high danger of getting killed. This mode can be unlocked by achieving the skills (e.g. Fill, Anal, Expose, Swallow, Shame, Talk) under each girl's picture.

Neko-Kappa[ | ]

Neko-Kappa mode allows the player to have one or two girls tied up in bondage and perform sexual acts on them by scrolling via the wheel of the mouse. This mode is not playable, and can be only viewed in the Botuplay Extra CD, where other similar scenarios are viewable but not playable besides adjusting the tempo or speed with some. The scenarios include Aoi sleeping on the subway train, Manaka tied up as a sex slave and having obscene messages on her body in a restroom, Yuko having her daughters suck on her breasts, a reverse chikan scenario where the male is on the train with Yuko as she fondles him from behind, Manaka alone in her room cupping her breasts, the girls pregnant in a hospital delivery room with visibly bigger breasts, a pool sex scene, standing wall sex on the subway train, and even the girls using straws to "drink" from their mother's vagina. Other scenes include Aoi being gang raped by the protagonist and his friends while Manaka and Yuko are restrained and forced to watch, the protagonist "walking" Yuko and Manaka like dogs nude in the park with leashes and vibrators inserted, Manaka and the protagonist both being on the Sunway train as he frots himself behind her, and a few others that were likely removed due to time constraints, or to avoid further controversy.

Pre-release screens[ | ]

These images were released during the development of the game.

Extras[ | ]

After releasing RapeLay, Illusion provided free extras that are downloadable from their RapeLay website. These extras include changing the people on the train to nude women, the girls masturbating, a save game, and sample movies.

Removal/Controversy[ | ]

In 2009, the company discontinued supporting RapeLay due to controversy surrounding it in the United States. In 2008, came under fire for offering it on their website - as it turns out, a third party reseller added a page for the game. Amazon immediately distanced themselves from the reseller. It is worth noting that Illusion Soft games are not sold outside of Japan. A flurry of negative press articles and protests soon followed.[citation needed] The game was released legally in Japan in 2006.

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