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RapeLay (レイプレイ?) is a 3D eroge simulation video game developed by Illusion. It was released on April 21, 2006 in Japan. The game consists of an improved 3D engine, and is mainly played through moving the mouse in an circular motion and using the wheel. The main story of RapeLay is shorter than those of Illusion's previous games, but it allegedly has more replay value than Illusion's previous games. RapeLay also has a "nakadashi" (creampie) counter.


The player plays as a chikan (a perverted man who frequently fondles women) in crowded subway trains. A young woman named Aoi has the player arrested for molesting her. Afterwards, the player plans to exact revenge by molesting and raping her entire family. His first victim is Manaka, Aoi's younger sister; he rapes her in a public bathroom. His next target is Yuko, the mother of Aoi and Manaka, whom he rapes in the park. Aoi is the main character's third target, the woman who had turned him in to the police. He rapes her in a hotel after she is tied up. Afterwards, he brings out Manaka and Yuko. Yuko pleads with the main character to take her instead but her pleas fall short and the main character decides to make all three his sexual slaves.

After this, the player gets to have sex with them whenever and wherever they choose.


  • Manaka: A younger girl with short black hair who wears a blue dress. She moans a lot more than the other characters and tends to look at the player with fearful cute eyes during sex. The player can make her wear cat ears so that she will produce cat noises.
  • Aoi: A brunette girl with long hair who wears a school girl uniform. She is more resistant than both of the other characters. Her hair ornament is optional.
  • Yuko: A brunette women with a green shirt and large breasts and is a lot older than the other two characters. Yuko can wear glasses to make her produce different sound effects.

(Left to right) Manaka, Yuko, Aoi


The object of the game is to "break" the three girls; that is to say, to force the girls to enjoy your molesting them rather than resist it. After completing the storyline, there are five modes of gameplay. Some of the gameplay modes are locked and can be unlocked by achieving talismans for various skills under each girl's picture. The game is open ended with two exceptions: if the player impregnates one of the girls (Black ending) or the player gets killed by Aoi before she has been broken (Red ending.) If the player impregnates one of the girls and decides to keep the child, the main character gets thrown into an oncoming train after a certain number of days thereafter. The other ending is obtained if one or more characters apart from Aoi are in the 'fertilized' stage, Aoi hasn't been broken and the player initiates Cowgirl position with her, triggering her to stab the player repetitively. She also seen to laugh manically and continue to mutilate him after she could not pull out the players penis. Rapelay was the first game offered by Illusion that allowed the player to have sex with more than one female at a time.

Story mode[]

In story mode, the player has sex with the three girls in the order of Manaka, Yuko, and Aoi. The player starts off in the train station. Upon entering the train, the main character gropes the girl he is currently in the train with. Once the bar is 85% full, the main character arrives at the destination which is different for each girl. After the main character finishes having sex with all three girls, the players has the option of free play H scenes. so masturbating is optional


The main character says a prayer, and a gust of wind blows up the skirt of the girl.


When the player lifts up a girl's clothes and gropes her genitals and breasts. The girl also uses her hands and attempts to prevent the player from groping her. An option to use a dildo is available.


In this option, the player can have sex with any of the three girls. The main character is endangered of being killed under certain circumstances, but there are no level restrictions. There is also an option of different sex positions. In oral sex positions, the player must use the mouse wheel to control the sex acts, while in other positions, the player can move the mouse in a circular motion. There is also a danger of pregnancy.


The player is restricted to one sexual position, but four males have sex with the girl. The level restrictions for this mode include locations with small space.


Also known as 3P or 4P mode. In this mode, the main character is able to have sex with two or three girls. In this scenario, the main character is in high danger of getting killed. This mode can be unlocked by achieving the skills (e.g. Fill, Anal, Expose, Swallow, Shame, Talk) under each girl's picture.


Neko-Kappa mode allows the player to have one or two girls tied up in bondage and perform sexual acts on them by scrolling via the wheel of the mouse. This mode is not playable, and can be only viewed in the Botuplay Extra CD.

Pre-release screens[]

These images were released during the development of the game.


After releasing RapeLay, Illusion provided free extras that are downloadable from their RapeLay website. These extras include changing the people on the train to nude women, the girls masturbating, a save game, and sample movies.


In 2009, the company discontinued supporting RapeLay due to controversy surrounding it in the United States. In 2008, came under fire for offering it on their website - as it turns out, a third party reseller added a page for the game. Amazon immediately distanced themselves from the reseller. It is worth noting that Illusion Soft games are not sold outside of Japan. A flurry of negative press articles and protests soon followed.[citation needed] The game was released legally in Japan in 2006.

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