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Rayman Junior is an educational platform game, developed by Ubisoft, with contributions from schoolteachers for the PlayStation and PC. Rayman Junior supports educational levels 1 - 6, 1 being easiest and 6 being hardest. Each level is sold separately. This game was mainly developed for Primary School pupils.


The plot is basically the same plot from the original Rayman, except the electoons aren't captured and the Book of Knowledge is stolen instead of the Great Protoon. Mr. Dark returns to cause more trouble. Within Rayman's world, is the mystical Book of Knowledge which contains all the knowledge of the world - only, this is Mister Dark's target. After defeating Betilla the Fairy and the Magician, Mister Dark steals the Book of Knowledge and vanishes. So, the Magician and Betilla are forced to call upon Rayman again, although they know that a long journey awaits them...


Rayman Junior has players exploring a map of Rayman's world as in the original game, defeating levels as they go in order to progress. First off, players are given a choice of two levels plus a few training levels which teach them about Rayman's powers and how to use them. Each 'proper' level has five stages that need to be completed in order to progress further onto the map. The Magician mentors you through these stages. Stages might have you rhyming words, calculating mathematical sums or stepping on certain numbers and much more.


All of the abilities in Rayman are available from the beginning in Rayman Junior, including the Helicopter, Fist, grab rings etc., although the Super Helicopter can only be used throughout certain points in the game like the original game and the Running ability is excluded.


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