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Basic Information
Business Type
Andrew Spinks

Re-Logic is the company that develops the game Terraria, Pixel Privateers, and Pixel Piracy. Andrew Spinks "Redigit" (also created Super Mario Bros. X a.k.a. SMBX) is the owner of this company.


It all started in 2009 or before, Redigit met with others to develop Super Mario Bros. X.

After the release of SMBX 1.3 Redigit and his team were without the site, then in 2011 the company was named Re-Logic and was made official and released several versions of the game Terraria.


The official story states that it was Nintendo who made Redigit and his staff stop updating SMBX, but there were people who said it was Redigit who wanted to stop to be able to develop the game Terraria.



  • Andrew Spinks "Redigit"
  • Whitney Spinks "Cenx" (wife of Andrew Spinks)
  • David Phelps "D-Town"
  • Ted Murphy "Loki"
  • Amanda Powell "Safemanda"
  • Houston Lawson "Oneman"
  • Yorai Omer "Yoraiz0r"
  • Chris Bednarz "Skiphs"
  • Victor Moura "Crowno"
  • Jim Tommy Myhre Kjexrud "Jimmarn"
  • Jamison Hayes "Lazure"
  • Olivia Cres "Arkhayla"
  • Jason Parker "Leinfors"
  • Crystal Ironheart "Ghostar"
  • "0x33"

Public Beta Testers

  • Atri Maharaj "m4sterbr0s"
  • Mike Dunn "TrinityFlash"
  • William Coffey "Ignoritus"
  • Valtteri Nieminen
  • Ryan Le "Namyrr"
  • Brandon Kime "rbrandon"
  • Aled Kane "Baih"
  • Brian Hansen "Blahblahbal"
  • Michael McCarthy "Kelp"
  • Adrian Wheeler "Unrealmegashark"
  • Matthew Hunnicut "Omnir"
  • Tsukina Nakata "Tsuki"
  • Gabriel Gutierrez "Suweeka"
  • Joshua Wubker "scizor300"
  • Michael Dolas "shockah"
  • Tyler Whiteman "BurnZeZ"
  • Peter Doyle "Doylee"
  • Kyle Hodge "Kley"
  • Steven French "Twitchy"
  • Anodomani
  • Igor Magi Marinho "Conker"
  • Cheah Jun Siang
  • Zach Piispanen "Olink"
  • Lisa Chiu "Lils"
  • "iRandomness"
  • Elias Naddaf "Elbow"
  • Kaleb Regalado "JesusLlama"
  • Jonathan Poholarz "FallingSnow"
  • Brandon Thomas
  • Daniel Faria "DMF"
  • Luna Meier
  • Robert Buchanan "qig"
  • Alexaunder Savoy "as303298"
  • Alexander Reaves "Vandarx"
  • QUM "Mystery"
  • Balázs Makai "Mamaluigi"
  • Daniel Berner "Garro"
  • Tyler Warr "Quill"
  • Andrew Windmiller "Andydark"
  • Charles Hanrahan "Grox"
  • "General Milky"
  • Chris Ness
  • Yrimir

Former Employees

  • Jeremy Guerrette "Blue" - He wrote the Super Mario Bros. X manual[1]
  • Jason Berg "Solsund"
  • Finn Brice "Tiyuri"
  • Gabriel Henrique Kiesshau "Red Yoshi"
  • Dustin Gunter "Splugen"
  • Aaron Craig "AaronC"
  • Will Garner "Phlebas"
  • William Data "Waffles"


  1. Super Mario Bros. X World/Level Editor Help Version 1.3 in file SMBX Editor Help in game SMBX

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