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Re-Volt is an enjoyable RC car racing game seemingly developed specifically for the PC and then ported to the Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 and PlayStation consoles with varying results. The Dreamcast fairs the best of the three consoles with the Nintendo 64 getting the shaft, resulting in a broken shell of a game. There was also an Xbox version of the game in development called Re-Volt Live that was issued to beta testers of the Xbox Live service prior to the launch of the service on the original Xbox system. However, it was cancelled close to being finished, so it was not officially released.

The developers employed the use of physics to add to the gameplay of the little cars that could. These light RC cars took a delicate touch or would spin out easily. The races took place in museums, toy shops, out on the streets, and more.

It also has a rather large online multiplayer racing scene.[1] Since the game's inception, people have been creating custom content including new cars, tracks, and frontend (menu levels) for the PC version.[2][3]


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