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Rebellion is a British computer games company, based in Oxford, who are most famous for the first Aliens vs. Predator computer game. Since 2000, it also publishes comic books and it launched its own book imprint, Abaddon Books, in 2006.


Rebellion was established by brothers Jason and Chris Kingsley in 1991. Their first known title was Alien Vs. Predator for the Atari Jaguar, which was considered one of the best games for that console.

In June 2000 they bought the comic 2000 AD from Fleetway,[1] and have since developed several characters from the comic for the games market. The first commercial release, Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death was mildly successful. A second game was released in 2006 based on Rogue Trooper and has been very well received.

Along with developing the title's characters for video games, Rebellion continues to publish 2000 AD as well as its sister title the Judge Dredd Megazine. In 2004, Rebellion entered a deal with DC Comics to reprint several 2000 AD stories in trade paperback form, including Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Nikolai Dante, and Sinister Dexter. When DC left the venture, citing poor sales, Rebellion elected to continue the line on its own. Rebellion also added the Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files series, which has begun reprinting almost every Dredd appearance in chronological order.

In 2006, following the demise of Elixir Studios, Rebellion purchased all IP related to the studio, including Evil Genius and Republic: The Revolution.[2] Later, in 2009, Jason Kingsley confirmed rights ownership of former Vivendi franchises sold before merging with Activision in 2008, as well as the intention of making new sequels of those and Elixir Studios games[3]

In 2006 Rebellion purchased Tomb Raider developers Core Design from Eidos, as well as Strangelite from Empire Interactive, making the company the largest independent[citation needed] European development studio.[citation needed]

Rebellion launched their novel imprint Abaddon Books and made a number of publishing purchases. These included buying Clickwheel which was used to digitally published 2000 AD,[4] with archives[5] and an online iPhone comic reading application[6] launched later. In August 2008, Blackfish Publishing, publisher of Death Ray magazine, announced it had been bought by Rebellion and[7] in September 2008, Rebellion acquired Mongoose Publishing,[8] who had previously published games like The Judge Dredd Role-Playing Game. In June 2009, it was announced[9] that Rebellion had acquired the role-playing and board games publisher Cubicle 7. In September 2009, Rebellion acquired Solaris Books from Games Workshop.[10]

Rebellion group of companies[]

  • Rebellion Developments (video game developer)
  • Fearnort Production (film production company)
  • 2000 AD (comic and trade paperback publishing company)
  • Abaddon Books (horror, science fiction and fantasy book publishing company)
  • Audiomotion (motion capture company)
  • Clickwheel (digital publishing company)
  • Blackfish Publishing (magazine publishing company)
  • Mongoose Publishing (role-playing, card games and miniature wargaming publishing company)
  • Cubicle 7 (role-playing, card and board games publishing company)
  • Solaris Books (science fiction and fantasy book publishing company)

List of games developed by Rebellion[]

List of games republished by Rebellion[]

These games were originally developed and published by other companies, but were subsequently acquired and republished by Rebellion:


  • 2006: Develop Industry Excellence Award 2006 for Most Improved Studio[11]


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