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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is a game in the Resident Evil series.

Story summary[]

Just days after surviving the grisly disaster at the Mansion lab, Jill Valentine resigns from S.T.A.R.S. and vows to leave Raccoon City. But as events overtake her she suddenly finds herself trapped by hordes of flesh eating zombies, hideous mutants, and relentless new Nemesis. Once again she must rely on cunning and brute force to escape. What she soon discovers is the evil created by the Umbrella Corporation is even more horrifying than she ever imagined. from the cold quiet streets of the zombie infested Raccoon City, to the dark damp rooms of the spider infested mansion, with the Nemesis not far behind you everywhere you go....all culminates in a water treatment facility where the nemesis has undergone a change in which he has transformed and has become even stronger for the 2nd time. and the final showdown takes place while you await destruction if you take too long. the world of survival horror will be given new meaning in this 3rd instalment of the highly anticipated Resident Evil Series.


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