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Resident Evil Outbreak is a game in the Resident Evil series.


  • In the US, the Resident Evil Outbreak series are the first of the Resident Evil games to use the Resident Evil logo of the movies. PAL releases kept the logo used in all prior PlayStation releases of the games.
  • Resident Evil Outbreak was the first Resident Evil game that allowed players to become zombies. Each player begins the scenarios with a meter that measures their viral infection rate. The virus progresses gradually throughout the scenario. Items can be used to slow the progression, while being attacked by a zombie will cause a jump in the progression, and being knocked to the ground will cause the infection to rise rapidly until the player stands up. When the virus reaches 100% infection, the player will fall to the ground. In the one-player mode, this results in game over, while in the Network mode, the player is reanimated as a zombie, and can attack their former teammates for a brief period of time, before collapsing again, and being presented with the "You Died" screen.
  • The "Handgun" item (a Beretta M92FS) is called the R.P.D.'s standard-issue pistol in the "Outbreak" series. In the novel, Resident Evil: City of the Dead by S.D. Perry, the R.P.D. side arm was stated to be the Heckler & Koch VP70. Strangely, the VP70 only ever once appears in the video games, and is used by only one character. It was also argued that the Browning Hi-Power and VP70 were R.P.D. standard-issue in Resident Evil 2, but at no point in the game is it ever stated that either of these firearms are R.P.D. standard-issue weapons; they simply happen to be the guns carried by the main characters. This is reinforced by the fact that Leon had brought the VP70 in his possession into town with him before officially even signing on for active duty with the Raccoon Police Department, while the Hi-Power was discovered by Claire in a glovebox of an R.P.D. squad car. Police officers, especially in countries with minimal gun-control laws such as the United States, are known to carry secondary firearms on their person and in their vehicles for use during emergencies, and the Hi-Power found by Claire was likely such a weapon.
  • Resident Evil: Outbreak was originally known as Resident Evil Online/Biohazard Online. In this state of production, there were to be over twenty levels with branching paths. However, the ad-lib system was already in place and fully functional.
    • In the game, there was only one branching path, which was walking through the Apple Inn's grounds in the Outbreak scenario before meeting twith the police.
  • On May 28, 2004, "friendly fire," an option which allowed players to shoot each other using fire-arms (or to hit each other with melee weapons) was activated on the servers in Network mode. During the night in which this option was activated, the total player count in the lobby was over 30 (compared to the relatively low count of 10 to 15).
  • The "Outbreak" scenario was re-used in the second title, but was instead called the "Training Grounds." This level was designed to allow novice and veteran gamers alike to familiarise themselves with the new control system, real-time file/item selection screen and ad-lib features of the "Outbreak" series, as fans were "thrown in the deep end" with the original release.
  • The cast consists of a number of voice actors primarily recognized from CBC Radio dramas. Although the voice acting was redone in Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2, a few of the voices remain in some of the NPCs.
  • The main street in "Outbreak", is the same street seen in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
  • In "Below Freezing Point", players get to visit the lab from Resident Evil 2, which has been greatly expanded. In Resident Evil 0, players were able to visit the room where the train was underground while playing as Rebecca Chambers.
  • The Hospital in "The Hive", is the same hospital, as seen in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, although, it's been expanded with a third floor and a second basement. Also, the first basement has been expanded.
  • The lobby from "Hellfire" as well as the streets in front of the Apple Inn from "Outbreak," are featured in Resident Evil Outbreak#2
  • The opening cutscene in "Decisions, Decisions", takes place in the police station from Resident Evil 2 & 3
  • Nicholai Ginovaef originally appeared in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis