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Basic Information

In gaming and video gaming, a Resource, usually in a strategy game, is any substance or provision that provides a net benefit to the player when exploited, gathered, collected, or stored. Resources can come in many categories.

Bonus Resources[]

See also: Bonus resource.

These are non-mandatory resources that provide extra benefits when exploited, such as the ability to construct certain buildings or wonders.

Cost Resources[]

See also: Cost resource.

These are basic operating costs for mundane things like maintenance and construction. This can be something relatively simple, such as gold coins, or more exotic, such as a mined mineral or gas.

Environment Resource[]

See also: Environment resource.

These resources directly impact the ability of the player to play the game, and deficits in these resources usually cause severe constraints or penalties for the player.

Strategic Resources[]

See also: Strategic resource.

These resources afford specific economic benefits to the player that exploits them or allows the player to trade them to other players for benefit(s). These resources may involve additional work being carried out to exploit them.

Luxury Resources[]

See also: Luxury resource.

These resources may or may not provide a bonus to the player that exploits them. These resources may increase happiness, and may also be valuable to trade with other players. These resources may involve additional work being carried out to exploit them.

Score Resources[]

See also: Score resource.

These are resources that afford no special benefit to the player, beyond increasing a numerical score attained on completion of the game or campaign.