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Respawn Entertainment
Type Private
Founded USA (2010)
Headquarters Encino, California, USA
Parent Company

Respawn Entertainment is a game development studio founded by two former Infinity Ward developers, Jason West and Vince Zampella. The company was founded a month after West and Zampella's dismissal from Infinity Ward in March 2010 by Activision. Electronic Arts provided the seed capital who started the company.

Zampella is the General Manager and West is the current President.

The company has an exclusive publishing deal with Electronic Arts within the framework of the EA Partners program. However, Respawn Entertainment will still own and maintain control of their intellectual property as an independent studio.[1] Reciprocally, Respawn will not influence other developers of EA such as DICE, the creator of the Battlefield series, as it is "not part of the program that all of a sudden outside independents are advising internal teams", according to EA Partner's Senior Vice President and General Manager, David DeMartini.[2]

They are currently in the process of hiring a team to work on an, as of yet unannounced project.[1]

The studio already recruited eight of the ex-Infinity Ward employees who left after West and Zampella did: Todd Alderman, Mackey McCandlish, Mark Grisby, John Paul Messerly, Chris Cherubini, Rayme C. Vinson, Jon Shiring[3] and Francesco Gigliotti[4].

Later, other former Infinity Ward employees joined up with Respawn, including senior software engineer Chris Lambert, senior level designer Jason McCord, senior artist Ryan Lastimosa, and game designer Brent McLeod. The studio is currently working on an unannounced project but still nothing is known about it even if it will be an FPS or not but it has been confirmed that the project will be multiplatform.



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