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A screenshot from level three: Find Your Own Way Around The Obstacle Bricks

Ricochet Lost Worlds was developed by Reflexive Entertainment and is the sequel to Ricochet Xtreme. It features several new bricks, power-ups and background art. It also has the new "ring" feature, where you try to collect all the rings on each level. If you collect all five rings on every level, you become "Ring Master" and get the trophy at the end of the game. It is possible to beat the game without getting every ring, but it is less challenging.

Around the 7th of December 2017, the official website that hosted all user-made levels and the forums for both the Ricochet and the Big Kahuna series were permanently shut down because they were no longer sustainable to run.[1]



There are six (6) designs of ships a player can choose if he or she will sign as a new player. Here are the ships:

Ship Name Color Picture
"Blazing Fire" Black background, has yellow, orange and red flames.
"Chrome Ship" Purely gray, or steel File:Chrome Ship.jpg
"Yellow Flames" Violet layout with yellow flame-like design. File:Yellow Flames Ship.jpg
"Honeybee" Yellow and Black horizontal stripes File:Honeybee (Ricochet Lost Worlds).jpg
"Ice-like ship" White and Sky Blue File:Ice-like ship.jpg
"Neutral Ship" Black and White File:Neutral Ricochet Ship.jpg

Unique Rounds[]

Some rounds in this game feature unique graphics and show an object. Here are some:

Round Title Special Feature
1 Into the Abyss... An Anchor
19 Full Steam Ahead A Train
25 I Heard The Mission Bells A Bell
70 Tree of Life...and Death A Tree
90 Argh, Matey! Scurvy Pirates! Pirate Ship with bombs
131 Dr. Jekyll's Flask A Flask with Trapped Balls as chemical bubbles

Tools and bricks[]

Some tools are featured in the game.

Tool First Level Featured Some Appearances Use
Floating Ball An Ion Sphere floating at some rounds. Makes an Ion Sphere get out making one an extra.
Accelerator Rotating Blue Arrows When the Ion sphere moves there, it increases its speed but only temporary.
Decelerator Rotating Orange Arrows Opposite of Accelerator. It makes the Ion Sphere slower temporarily.
Teleporter Round 22: Move From One Spot To Another Blue, Red and Green holes with lasers and closed portals Enables the Ion sphere to transfer around the area according to the color.
Trapped Ball Small balls These are small balls at a level that once they touch the ship's deflector, they will become a normal Ion Sphere.
Ball Deflector Some curved or safe areas that is harmless to the Ion Sphere. As a normal ground
Exploder Round 1: Into The Abyss... Some have red Chinese letterings When broke, it explodes and destroys the nearest bricks with it.
N Hit Side Half Inderstructable, Half Normal As a normal brick
Indestructible Some metals It seems indestructible but it can be destroyed by the normal sphere giving many blows him. (Also it can be destroyed by the acid ball, Missile Laucher, etc.)
Power-Up Round 1: Into The Abyss... Some bricks When destroyed, it shows or gives power-ups.
Starfish Goal Ball deflector with a star If the Ion Sphere touches a starfish, it must hit this rock to break it.
Switch Rock-like brick Unknown
Rail Brick Round 12: The Power of One Only Volcanic Bricks with white features Breaks bricks in what direction they are.
Arrow Brick (also a "Rail Brick") Round 16: The Arrow Points The Way It Will Go Bricks with moving arrows When hit, it will hit bricks in the direction shown by the arrow last.
Factory Round 24: Keep Pressing That Button Only in Mayan territory. A brick with a gear at the center. Creates other bricks in 1 to 4 directions.
Factory Shutdown Round 28: The Shredder A brick with gear at the center and with yellow color at both sides. It destroys all factory Bricks on a level when it is destroyed.
Magnetic Brick Circular bricks with different colors featured only in Alien territories. When two magnetic bricks are activated, they will meet together and destroy the bricks going in between them.
Ball Factory Ion Sphere with borders When hit, it will make Ion Spheres appear, 5 spheres max.

Weapons and powerups[]

Some weapons and powerups are featured in the game. Some have advantages and disadvantages. Italicalized powerups are powerups not available in the game.

Weapon/ Powerup First Level Featured Power-Up Icon Appearance Use
Safety Bumper Round 1: Into The Abyss Yellow Laser-like line (line is still yellow but is curved in Infinity) This powerup with a yellow laser-like appearance keeps Ion Spheres from going out-of-bounds. It doesn't last long when you have a Laser ball, so you've got a choice to make!
Extra Ion Sphere Round 1: Into The Abyss Green Arrow pointing up Gives one extra life or the Ion Sphere (the ball used in breaking the bricks)
Slow Round 1: Into The Abyss Yellow word "Slow" Icon (replaced by 2 counterclockwise yellow arrows in Infinity) Makes the movement of the Ion Sphere slower or decreases its speed.
Fast Round 2: Rings Are Your Friend Red word "Fast" Icon (replaced by 2 counterclockwise red arrows in Infinity) Makes the movement of the Ion Sphere faster or increases its speed.
Laser Blaster Gun Gray Gun Icon with Green Background Connects Laser Blasters to both sides of the ship. Unless you get another laser gun powerup, you may only shoot from one side at a time.
EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) Round 23: Spheres That Turn Into Bombs 4 Yellow Lights surrounding Center of power-up and with Green Background EMP Generator (Ion Sphere); EMP Charger (Ship); If the player presses the left mouse button, it will discharge the EMP and destroy all the bricks in the vicinity of the ball. However, the ion sphere will then lose its charge and must hit the ship's shield to recharge.
Acid Ball Green Acidic Ball Icon Makes the Ion Sphere be in an acidic form that melts even indestructible bricks.
Normal Ship Red Ship Icon Restores the ship into its normal functions. Also removing any kind of weapon accepted by the ship.
Shield Shrinker Red Triangle Arrows pointing each other (replaced by Red diamond with arrows going towards the center in Infinity) Shrinks and shortens the ship's shield.
Shield Expander Not available in this game Blue diamond with arrows going outward towards the sides Expands and lengthens the ship's shield.
Small Ball Red circle moving inwards Shrinks the Ion Sphere.
Normal Ball Ion Sphere Icon Restores the original Ion Sphere appearance
Ball Generating Ball or Ball Generator Four trapped Balls Surrounding center of power-up and with Green Background Makes the ball generate a "trapped ball" anytime it destroys a brick or collects a coin. Touch the trapped balls at the ship's deflector, it will become a normal ball.
Laser Ball Round 13: Even the ball gets a gun Dark Grey Ball with Violet Dots and lasers coming out of it on Green Background Converts your Ion Sphere into a self-minded trigger-happy drone, that shoots purple laser beams at nearby bricks. The more laser ball powerups you get, the more rapidly the ion sphere shoots.
Stinger Missile Launcher Round 26: All Hail The Stinger Missile 2 Missiles with green Background Enables the ship to shoot missiles that home in on nearby bricks. Like the laser gun, you can only shoot from one side at a time until you get another stinger missile powerup. Thereafter, more stinger missile powerups means that you may shoot multiple missiles from one side, or that the stinger missiles become more powerful.
Ball Catcher Round 8: Catch The Ball Blue Lightning-like catcher on Black Background Enables the ball to stick to the ship's deflector. The player must click the left mouse button to re-launch the ball. But if the player wishes to avoid catching the ball, the player can hold down the left mouse button. As long as the button is held down, the ball will bounce normally and not caught.
3 Way Ball Split Number 3 with 3 rotating cyan dots around it Enables the Ion Sphere to multiply itself by 3.
8 Way Ball Split Number 8 with 8 rotating cyan dots around it Enables the Ion sphere to multiply itself by 8.

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