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Rig'n'Roll, acronymed RnR or R&R, is a Sandbox-style truck driving simulation and Adventure racing video game released on 27 November 2009 in Russia and during 2010 in the rest of the world.[2][3][4] It simulates truck driving and management along with associated business strategic activities, and features some of the best known trucks in North America (list below). The action takes place in California and Nevada, USA in the year 2014.

This game was published by 1C and developed by SoftLab-Nsk's Igor Belago, who got inspired from games like Grand Theft Auto.[5] Rig'n'Roll also includes a program for the creation of skins for trucks, license plate, and trailers. The game has modes of racing, single-player missions, regular truck driving, and free cruising in an open world.


File:Rig'n'Roll intro.png

Nick Armstrong (center) is greeted by Matthew Tearson (right).

The story in this game begins with a man known as the protagonist, Nick Armstrong, who needs to fulfill his dreams and career of becoming the best cargo transporter across California. In order for his dreams to come through—he has to earn more money and compete with the rest of California's import/export trucking company carriers. Later on, he will be able to meet new friends and expand his business.


Rig'n'Roll will offer tons of real-life road exploration with multiple missions to be completed and places to visit. Management in this game is done by using sliders, and much of the game is focused around cargo/truck selection and choosing routes.

The main storyline will involve delivering cargo, interacting with NPCs, and taking on missions with sidequests in-between. Players will be able to hire or fire drivers, adjust driver AI behavior for both trucks and cargoes, fine-tune their fleet of trucks, view rankings list, improve truck rating statistics, manage and expand their business economy at freight management offices, warehouses, and via a PDA device known as "Black Shark".[6]


The list of licensed trucks in the game:[7]

  • Freightliner Trucks Argosy, Freightliner Classic XL, Freightliner Coronado, Freightliner Century Class
  • Navistar International 9300, International 9800, International 9900ix
  • Mack Ch603, Mack CX603 Vision
  • Peterbilt 379, Peterbilt 387, Peterbilt 378
  • Kenworth Kenworth T600, Kenworth T800, Kenworth W900L, Kenworth T2000
  • Volvo VNL770
  • Sterling Trucks A9500S
  • Western Star 4900EX Lowmax


This game has been in longest development for over 9 years[8] due to the developer of the game mainly focusing on making hardware/software equipment for multimedia, TV broadcasting, VR systems, imaging systems for training simulators, and video game engines for computer games.

Before release, it was also featured at E3 2005, Gamescom, as well as several other Russian gaming exhibitions and developer conferences. A demo was announced for 2009 and then for 2010, but then both scheduled dates were canceled. All cheats were taken out of the game prior to release. Also, modding possibilities, trainer usage, save file hex-editing and hacking of the game were somewhat restricted.

Support for EyeFinity multi-monitor widescreen displays were also implemented in the game.


Rig'n'Roll has so far received mostly fair to positive reviews on the Metacritic/GameRankings[9][10] sites respectively, praising the game for its realistic graphics, impressive physics, truck designs, music soundtrack, intuitive controls, mission structure, and gameplay variety. But the game was also criticized because of its truck-driving simulation aspects feeling too "arcadey", for having a weak in-game tutorial, a lack of multiplayer, and for frequent delays in development.


Voice acting for Rig'n'Roll were all done strictly in English, except for the Russian version. The list below (in brackets) only tells what language the subtitles, text, and menus will be displayed in...

  • Rig'n'Roll: Truck Tycoon – canceled by Nikita
  • Дальнобойщики 3: Покорение Америки (Russian) – 1C
  • Rig'n'Roll (English) – 1C, Focus Multimedia, THQ[11][12][13]
  • Rig'n'Roll: Die Truck-Simulation (German) – Rondomedia
  • Rig'n'Roll: Tirowiec (Polish & English) – Cenega


Patches to improve system performance and optimization were released for Russian version of game. All other versions have these patches included already (hotfixes must be applied manually). The latest patch for Rig'n'Roll Russian version is currently 3.0.5. English version hotfix for some downloaded versions is 3.0.1. So any boxed retail version that is newer than the Russian version will have a build # that is greater than the previous release of the game and the latest patch. This can be confirmed while at the main menu, or by looking at the status bar File Version properties info of the game's executable.


SoftLab-Nsk currently has plans of expanding the game map to Las Vegas this Fall, according to advertisement banners that were put up along the roads and highways of California.


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