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Ring games are very popular and are arguably the most played type of poker game around the world. Simply a ring game is poker games where real chips and money are at stake and there is no predetermined end time as there is in tournament games. Also in ring games, players are free to play as long as they want, being able to sit down or get up whenever they please.

Players are free to buy in or cash out during a ring game in between hands; however it is generally prohibited for a player to take money off the table. This is known as rat holing by professional poker players. For example, if a player was to buy in for $100 dollars and wins a hand and makes an additional $100, he would not be able to pull half of his chips away. In this case, the player would have to cash out the entire $200 and forfeit his seat and have to wait to rejoin the game. Also these game are played at table stakes, what this means is that a player cannot add more money in the middle of a hand, he would have to wait until the hand is over before adding more money to the table.

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