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Originally a limited edition release from Classic Game Creations, Rockaroids was a clone of the arcade game Asteroids. It was released in 1996 and was one of the earliest Vectrex homebrews.


The player controls a ship that destroys rockaroids. Shooting a large rockaroid (10 points each) splits it into two medium-sized ones (20 points), which then split into two small ones (50 points), which can then be destroyed. Enemy saucers appear and shoot at the player; the large saucers are worth 200 points, while the small ones are 1000.

The player starts out with three ships and the game will end when they are lost by either rockaroid collisions, being shot by saucers, or being destroyed upon re-entry from hyperspace (which is used to move the player to a random spot on the screen in case of emergency). Extra ships are awarded with every 10,000 points scored.


After the limited edition sold out, creator John Dondzila also included Rockaroids in his All Good Things cartridge (which also included clones of Tetris, Kaboom!, Space Invaders Part 2, and a TRS-80 game), along with the choices of a customer could have Dondzila make a Rockaroids cartridge by itself, they can download the ROM to play in Vectrex emulators, or they can even download the ROM to burn onto a cartridge if they have the means to make their own.

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