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Rogue Glitch is a platformer game developed by Lino Slahuschek and published by Numskull Games. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows and macOS on March 10, 2021.


The game is set in a roguelite world of procedurally generated levels and arrays of enemies. The player can develop their character each run with random items ranging from incremental stat modifiers to lethal showers of bullets. They can expand their arsenal to include the full range of items Rogue Glitch has to offer by leveling up; then crush bosses to access unique glitched versions of their former self.


  • Solo play and local co-op (Online Co-op with DLC)
  • 120 unique items to collect
  • 12 character variants each with upgrading stats and skins
  • A narrative told through completion events


This game has fluid movement. For example, the auto-targeting projectiles will fire as the players remain within proximity of enemies and a downward stomp allows them to increase their damage output.


Rogue Glitch is packed with unlockable items, characters and cosmetics to make every run a worthwhile one. Bosses drop a currency called Malbytes which can be used to upgrade the existing characters into more powerful ones.

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