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Rogue State Revolution is a political sandbox, turn-based strategy game developed by LRDGames, Inc. and published by Modern Wolf. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows and Linux on March 18, 2021. It is the sequel to Rogue State.


This game revolves around a highly challenging roguelike geopolitical thriller. The player has to take control of the presidency and rebuild, reform and prepare for new challenges as the Glorious People's Republic of Basenji becomes a new political, economic and cultural hotspot.


  • Procedural map generation
  • The ability to appoint Ministers to help govern the various elements of the player's nation.
  • Advisors who have devoted themselves to helping the player's presidential reign be successful.
  • The ability to build roads, grow infrastructure and develop industries.
  • 5 different provinces that can be managed, each with their own cultural background, voter types and expectations.
  • The ability to choose to use diplomacy to forge alliances with neighboring countries and develop sustainable relationships with international powers.

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