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{{Infobox VG
| title = Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII
|image = [[Image:Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII.jpg|256px|]]
|image = Front-Cover-Romance-of-the-Three-Kingdoms-VIII-EU-PS2.jpg
|caption =
|developer = Koei
|developer = [[Koei]]
|publisher = Koei
|publisher = Koei
|series = Romance of the Three Kingdoms
|designer = Koei
|platforms = Microsoft Windows, Mac, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2
|engine =
|genre = Turn-based strategy
|released = '''PC'''<br>{{vgrelease|JP= 29 June 2001}}'''Mac'''<br>{{vgrelease|JP=22 February 2002}}'''PlayStation Portable'''<br>{{vgrelease|JP=29 March 2007}}'''PlayStation 2'''<br>{{vgrelease|NA= 13 August 2003}}{{vgrelease|EU= 26 March 2004}}{{vgrelease|JP= 24 January 2002}}
|jp_rel = {{Release|2001|June|26|JP|Microsoft Windows}} <br> {{Release|2002|January|24|JP|PlayStation 2}} <br> {{Release|2002|February|22|JP|Mac}} <br> {{Release|2007|March|29|JP|PlayStation Portable}}
|genre = [[Turn-based strategy]]
|na_rel = {{Release|2003|August|13|NA|PlayStation 2}}
|modes = [[Single Player]], multi-player (max 8)
|eu_rel = {{Release|2004|March|26|EU|PlayStation 2}}
|ratings = [[CERO]]: A
|ratings = CERO-A, PEGI-7+
|platforms = [[Windows 95]], [[Mac OS]], [[PlayStation Portable|PSP]], [[PlayStation 2]]
|media = 1 [[Compact Disc|CD]] (PC, Mac OS, PlayStation 2), 2 CD (PC with PUK), 1 DVD (PC with PUK), 1 UMD (PSP)
|requirements = Original RTK8 game (PC power up kit)
|input = [[Computer keyboard|Keyboard]] (PC), [[Computer mouse|Mouse]] (PC)
'''Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII''' (三國志VIII) is the 8th installment in [[Koei]]'s famous [[Romance of the Three Kingdoms (video game series)|Romance of the Three Kingdoms]] series.
==Power up kit==
Power up kit includes following features:
*Marriage between generals, which can create offsprings for married parties.
*New tactical scenario campaign mode. This mode consists of battles and event surrounding [[Cao Cao]], [[Lu Xun]], or [[Zhuge Liang]]. The stories change depending on how to win a given scenario.
*3 new scenarios added after the death of Zhuge Liang. In addition, there are 60 more generals.
*Editor can change data of general and city.
*Logs for players activities.
*Improved AI.
Power up kit features are not incorporated into PlayStation 2 version of the game.
==External links==
*[ Japan Gamecity RTK8/RTK8 power up kit page]
*[ Taiwan Koei RTK8 page]
*[ Taiwan Koei RTK8 power up kit page]
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