Rome Online - a persistent browser-based empire building game

Rome Online is a persistent browser-based empire building game created by Tom Nobles. The setting is ancient rome. Play with and trade with other players as you construct cities worthy of your legacy. Rome Online is casually paced; play a few minutes at a time throughout the day.

**Starting Resources and Upkeep**

So far there hasn't been a certain strategy developed for starting the game... A good suggestion would be to build all resource production buildings (fields, lumber, stone & iron) and set your taxes to a comfortable figure (10 or less). Keep in mind that taxes affect morale which affect resource production, so higher taxes means less resource production.

Starting out you will have enough gold to build three buildings or upgrade your town hall and build two resource buildings. An example would be to build a Lumber Mill (Upkeep Cost=2), Stone Mason (Upkeep Cost=2) and Iron Foundry (Upkeep Cost=2) after creating your city. Your food production was 13 at game start. The three buildings above will subtract from food production making total production 7. Upkeep is shown under town statistics as population. Population is subtracted from crop production and the total is shown under town statistics - Production:.

Note: The first figure under town upkeep is population House .gif 69/80 Morale .gif 90%

  • Population = 69
  • Maximum Population = 80
  • Towns Morale = 90%
The second figure (80) is the maximum population your town can have with the current Town Hall level. The morale is 100% - Taxes. In this case our taxes are 10.

Continuing with our example, if our next building is the grain field (Upkeep Cost=3), Our total food production will drop to 5. The reason is a cut-off on food production. That is, 5 is the lower limit for crops (or food production). Therefore, it may be good strategy to try and maintain crop production somewhat above population.

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