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Rompers (ロンパーズ Ronpāzu?) is an arcade game that was released by Namco in 1989 only in Japan. It runs on Namco System 1 hardware.


You control a guy wearing a straw hat named Chap who must collect all of the keys in 61 maze-like gardens while avoiding various enemies to rescue his girlfriend, Rumina. He can push the walls over to crush the enemies, but they will come back as eggs which will hatch after a few seconds. There is also a strict time limit to ensure you don't dawdle. If it runs out, a strange-looking vampire named Tsukaima (who cannot be crushed by the walls) shows up and all the enemies start moving twice as fast. This game also features voice samples (in Japanese).


Chap: The guy wearing the straw hat mentioned above. He is the protagonist of the game.

Rumina: Chap's girlfriend. Kidnapped by Tsukaima.

Pyokorin: Bouncing white blobs.

Kerara: Pink fire-breathing creatures who try to burn Chap.

Gororin: Armadillo-like creatures who try to roll over Chap or push the walls over to crush him.

Todorin: Purple seal-like creatures who breathe ice and try to freeze Chap.

Bekabeka: Yellow sponge-like creatures who try to push the walls over to crush Chap.

Fumajime Pyokorin: Bouncing blue blobs who occasionally pause to take a long drag from their cigarettes.

Nachibo: Creatures that wear helmets and are capable of being crushed once before the second time kills them.

Taggus: Wolf-like creatures that throw bombs at Chap.

Oogumo: Spider-like creatures that spin webs in the hope that Chap might run into them, get stuck there and has to wait for them to get him.

Tsukaima: The strange-looking vampire mentioned above. She appears only when the time runs out and cannot be crushed by the walls. If she catches Chap, she will suck the life out of him and there is nothing he can do about it.

Gurerin: The antagonist of the game. He created all the creatures mentioned above and appears only on the final round, where you have to not only collect all the keys but crush all his evil clones who can breathe both fire and ice.