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Romulan Star Empire
Basic Information
Star Trek

In the Star Trek fictional universe, the Romulan Star Empire is an isolationist interstellar political power, ruled by the Romulan Senate and the Proconsul from the planet Romulus until the planet's destruction in 2387, causing the empire to fracture. Their military arm is the Romulan Imperial Navy, and their most iconic ship is the D'deridex class, also known as the Romulan Warbird to most species. Their ships are equipped with disruptors and plasma torpedoes, and their tactics favour a devastating frontal assault; their ships are rarely well defended when engaged from behind. Their signature tactic is the use of the Romulan Cloaking Device, which allows their ships to engage enemies with the element of surprise, or allow fleets to break off for time to regroup. They have been represented in numerous Star Trek video games, nearly always serving as an antagonist in the story, or aiding enemies of the player. Thier intelligence arm is the Tal Shiar, one of the most ruthless intelligence services to be encountered by the United Federation of Planets.