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Route to Destiny[]

Route to Destiny is a rather small text based browser game originally started by Thijs Van der Schaeghe. Until now there have been 3 "stable" versions and a 4th version is coming. Since 2005 Route to Destiny the game is being developed and administrated by Neuron Interactive.

RtD3 has been released on 1 January 2004.

Route to destiny 3[]

The best known version is the 3th version. The gameplay is slightly based on the Pokémon series, but all is set in a futuristic theme. The basic idea is that you build an army by gathering creatures.

Route to Destiny 4[]

Until now, browser games have been statical and without much javascript. RtD4 is one of the first bg's that takes javascript to a new level: WEB2.0.

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