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Rupees are the currency in most Zelda games. The only exception is Holodrum's underworld Subrosia, which uses Ore.


Green Rupee
Small green Rupees are worth one, and large green Rupees are worth fifty. The green Rupee appears in eight games.

Blue Rupee
Small blue Rupees are worth five, and large blue Rupees are worth one hundred. The blue Rupee appears in eight games.

Red Rupee
Small red Rupees are worth twenty, and large red Rupees are worth two hundred. The red Rupee appears in eight games.

Purple Rupee
The purple Rupee exists in all four 3D Zelda games.

Silver Rupee
Debuting in Ocarina of Time, where collecting all five silver Rupees solved a puzzle in a particular room, the silver Rupee exists in all four 3D Zelda titles.

Yellow Rupee
Debuting in the original title, the yellow Rupee has appeared in three games.

Orange Rupee
The orange Rupee exists in the three of the four 3D Zelda titles.

Huge Rupee
Appearing either gold or dark orange, this Rupee's color is not specified textually and is simply called "huge." It exists in three games.

Other Rupee Types

  • Black: In Four Swords, the black Rupee removes a random, negative amount of Rupees from the team wallet.
  • Rupee Shard: In Four Swords, Rupee shards are individually worthless but collecting eight creates a gem worth 500 Rupees.