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Russia's geographical location. Crimea, whose annexation by Russia from Ukraine is not recognized internationally, is shown in light green.
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Триколор, "Trikolor", "Tricolor"
The State Flag of the Russian Federation
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Russian Federation
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Russia (officially known as the Russian Federation) is a transcontinental country in Eastern Europe with territory that stretches across to Northern Asia. It was the largest state of the Soviet Union (also called the USSR or Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) prior to its dissolution in 1991; Russia is treated as the official successor state to the Soviet Union, taking up its former position at the United Nations, both on the General Assembly and on the Security Council. The capital is Moscow.

Russia uses the RARS rating system for video games, created in 2010.

Invasion of Ukraine[]

In February 2022, Russia launched a military invasion of Ukraine. As a result, Russia has been subject to sanctions by governments and international sporting bodies. These sanctions have included barring Russian nationals from competing under the Russian flag, preventing the Russian national anthem from being used, and many sporting events previously agreed to be held in Russia (such as Formula 1 races and football tournaments like the European Cup) now being cancelled and alternative venues arranged.

It is unknown how or if the invasion will affect how Russia is shown in sports video games made during this time.

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