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Cambridge Studio, part of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, was formed in July 1997 when Sony Computer Entertainment Europe acquired the Millennium development studio from Cyberlife Ltd. The studio currently comprises 90 development staff under the direction of James Shepherd.


Game Title Release Platform
MediEvil 1998 PlayStation
MediEvil 2 2000 PlayStation
C-12: Final Resistance 2001 PlayStation
Primal 2003 PlayStation 2
Ghosthunter 2004 PlayStation 2
MediEvil: Resurrection 2005 PlayStation Portable
24: The Game 2006 PlayStation 2
PlayTV 2008 PlayStation 3
LittleBigPlanet 2009 PlayStation Portable
TV Superstars 2010 PlayStation 3


Studio Cambridge also contributed to the making of these titles to various degrees.

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