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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike is the third hand held game in the SOCOM series. In Tactical Strike you are in command of four combatants. Unlike previous games in the series, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation is developed by Slant Six Games instead of Zipper Interactive.

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs' main character KAHUNA finally returns in this game. You are also able to control many different special forces groups such as SAS, South Korean, and American forces. The foreign forces all have voice tracks recorded in their native languages so if you choose to play as one of the foreign forces you will see the subtitles in English. The other members of the American squad besides KAHUNA are BRONCO (The gunner in SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2), WRAITH (The stealth specialist from Fireteam Bravo 2), and AZTEC (Part of VANDAL's squad from Combined Assault). Tactical Strike is a major departure from SOCOM's usual run and gun gameplay. It instead focuses on being able to execute maneuvers and keep tight control of your four man squad. The gameplay is similar to Full Spectrum Warrior.

There are several international special forces you can choose from: the German KSK, Australian SASR, Italian 9th Parachute Assault Regiment, Spanish UOE, American Navy Seals, British Special Air Service, South Korean 707th Special Mission Unit, and the French GIGN. In the briefing room, your default loadout among the troops will consist of a sniper rifle, two assault rifles and a heavy machine gun. Able element is the sniper and assault member while Bravo is the machine gun and assault. As always you can return to missions you have completed to redeploy and improve or you can use the instant action feature. The game consists of multiple maps, each with a numerous amount of cover to hide behind.


The game begins with a cinema where the player's country's ambassador is meeting with the interior minister of Panama in his office. The minister insists that Le Mano insurgents are far from the embassy and that the ambassador is safe. The scene then shifts outside the office in the hallway, where insurgents are approaching the door of the interior minister's office. Apparently an insurgent leader called Hector Ortiz is attacking the embassy there, and speak of the devil, Ortiz infiltrates the quarters of the two men chatting and takes them both hostage. The first level begins with the team searching for the Ambassador; they don't find him, but they do find a wounded Panamian Security Forces (PSF) agent (Agent Santos), and he provides intel for the special forces team's briefing from then on to the last level. In the end we learn that La Mano is employed by a Russian Oil tycoon, Alexander Volchcov, who is using the attacks in Panama as a way to boost his oil company's revenue. Volchcov gets away in the end and in a news broadcast he announces his plans for his oil company. There are nine campaign missions plus two extra instant action missions for each campaign mission, a total of 27.


(Be aware that the following weapon's names are only as shown in the game and may be altered)

Primary Weapons[]

Assault Rifles

  • H&K XM8 Labeled "M8" in game.
  • AN-94 Labeled "AG-94" in game.
  • AK-47
  • M16A2
  • M4A1
  • Steyr AUG A2 Labeled as "STG 77" in game.
  • SIG 552
  • BAe Systems SA80 Labeled as "IW-80 A2" in game.
  • M14
  • H&K G36C as "HK36" in game.
  • OTs-14 Groza Labeled as "RA-14" in game.
  • FN SCAR-L Labeled as "SFCR-LW" in game.
  • FN SCAR-H Labeled as "SFCR-HW" in game.
  • CR-21
  • AK-74SU Labeled as "ATS-86G" in game.
  • FN FNC Labeled as "MD-3" in game.
  • DR 300
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Machine Guns[]

  • RPK-74 Labeled "RTK-74" in game.
  • M60E3
  • H&K MG36 Labeled "MG. 43" in game.
  • MK. 48
  • B.A.R. Labeled "M1918" in game.

Sniper Rifles[]

  • M1 Garand
  • SVD Dragunov Labeled "SAS-R " in game.
  • VSS Vintorez Labeled "VSV-39" in game.
  • L96AW
  • M40A1
  • SR-25
  • Robar RC-50 Labeled "M87ELR" in game.
  • IMBEL Fz.308 Labeled " SR .308" in game.
  • Barrett M82A1A
  • PSG-1
  • SP 66

Rocket Launchers[]

  • AT-4
  • RPG-7

Secondary Weapons[]

Grenade Launchers[]

  • MM-1
  • M-79

Submachine Guns[]

  • H&K MP5 Labeled "HK5" in game.
  • H&K MP7 Labeled "HK7" in game.
  • H&K UMP 45 Labeled "GMP" in game.
  • Skorpion vz. 61 Labeled "Sk.61" in game.
  • M1928 Tommy Gun
  • Mini-Uzi Labeled "9MM SUB" in game.
  • FN P90 Labeled "F90" in game.


  • SPAS-12 Labeled "TA 12 GAUGE" in game.
  • MAG-7 Labeled "SG-7" in game.
  • M1014 Labeled "M4 90" in game.
  • Remington 870


  • SIG P226 Labeled "226" in game.
  • P9S Labeled "9MM" in game.
  • Five-seveN Labeled "F57" in game.
  • MK. 23 SOCOM
  • Taurus Raging Bull Labeled "R44M" in game.
  • Desert Eagle Labeled "50. AE" in game.
  • Glock 18 Labeled "MODEL 18 " in game.
  • Thunder .380
  • PT945


  • AN M8 (SMOKE)
  • HE
  • Medkit
  • Extra SMG Ammo
  • Extra Sniper Ammo
  • Extra Assault Rifle Ammo
  • Extra Machine Gun Ammo
  • Extra M203 Frag/HE/Smoke Ammo
  • Air Strike

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