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Sandspiel (English: "Sand game") is a free falling sand sandbox simulation browser game developed and published by German indie game developer Max Bittker, who also created, which is a game similar to this but with an aquatic theme. It was released on Crazy Games in December 2018. This game is primarily inspired by ha55ii's Powder Game.


The gameplay is simple: players can select an element (which has pixelated graphics), click and hold the element and there will be a falling mechanism to most elements. They can pause the world to eliminate the falling mechanism and play to bring it back. They can also select a wide variety of elements in five different brush sizes.

They can also load a new world, use/organize certain elements, and share their creation online, or simply play on a creation made by another player.

The elements can be used as a method for painting and pixel art.


  • 20 different elements to use
  • Players can share and browse other players' creations
  • Simple interface


Max Bittker attempted to make this game using pure JavaScript in 2015, where the resolution was only 100x100. There were also various bugs and glitches, hence why Bittker re-attempted to build the game using Lua in 2018, with faster loading, a 900x900 resolution, and less bugs and glitches. It was released in December 2018.


There are 20 elements in this game:

Element Description
Wind Moves pixels.
Empty Removes elements.
Wall Indestructible.
Sand Sinks in water.
Water Puts out fire.
Stone Forms arches, folds under pressure.
Ice Freezes Water, slippery.
Gas Highly flammable.
Cloner Copies the first element it touches.
Mite Eats wood and plant, but loves dust. Slides on ice.
Wood Sturdy, but biodegradable.
Plant Thrives in wet environments.
Fungus Spreads over everything.
Seed Grows in sand.
Fire Hot.
Lava Flammable and heavy.
Acid Corrodes other elements.
Dust Pretty, but dangerously explosive.
Oil Produces smoke.
Rocket Explodes into copies of the first element it touches.


Use left mouse to control the game.


  • Even though the game is pixel graphics, the wind and the gas emitted from the fire element aren't pixelated.

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