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Scribblenauts is a game exclusively for the Nintendo DS, in which the player will write words and use the corresponding objects to solve several puzzles. It has a in-game dictionary of over 10,000 words. Write anything and it will appear. Dog, House, Time Machine, Lumberjack! They are all just a selection of words that you can make appear. The object of the game is to find and get Starites, star shaped things that need to be obtained. If a starite was up a tree, there is no specific item to use, just something that would cut down a tree in real life.


It is a side-scrolling game, in which Maxwell, the main character, needs to obtain Starites. He is moved by using the touch screen, and the camera is moved by the D-pad. A number of things that can be summoned are alive, and will react to happenings. Cops will chase villains, God will destroy evil, Herbivores will eat grass, and so on.


Scribblenauts was announced in 2007, and the date of release in E3 2009. 5th Cell wanted something like Lock's Quest, and needed it urgently. It wasn't greatly received at first and didn't cause a buzz. Rumors suggested that is was going to be a 3D game, but this speculation turned out wrong in 2009.


Games Master magazine gave it 5/5, saying 'GM loves: Inventing new acts of violence involving butter,' in E3 2009, it was the first portable game in history to win best at show, and IGN labeled it Pick of the Year. Game Informer gave it 8.75/10 saying "Scribblenauts is more than a game; it’s a brilliantly devised test of one’s imagination."[1] A number of game review sites loved the idea of a time machine and dinosaurs, and the majority of reviews were 9/10.