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Sean Matsuda


Game series Street Fighter
First appearance Street Fighter III: New Generation
Nationality: Brazil
Species: Human
Height: 175 cm (5'9")
Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)
Gender: Male
Blood type: O
Birth date: August 15
Birthplace: Brazil
Likes: Ken Masters, bubble gum, basketball, gaming
Dislikes: Losing, being compared to Dan, his older sister (due to being afraid of her)
Fighting style: Imitates Ken
Skill(s): Basketball
Voice actor(s): Chris Rickabaugh (Street Fighter V)

Sean Matsuda (ショーン・マツダ/松田 Shōn Matsuda) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation. He is a confident amateur martial artist from Brazil who idolizes Ken, eventually becoming his disciple.



Sean wears a yellow gi similar to those worn by Ryu and Ken with the sleeves removed at the shoulders, and red fighting gloves. He wears a black belt and fights barefoot. He is a dark-skinned Brazilian and has black dreadlocks with the sides shaved off and usually brings a basketball with him everywhere.

In Street Fighter V, he wears a modern outfit consisting of a yellow hoodie jacket with the sign of "S" at the center, black outlines in each sides of his sleeves, yellow jogging pants and red sneakers with two white linings. He also has a bandage on his nose.

In A Shadow Falls, Sean's dreadlocks are grown into shoulder length like his elder brother, Fabio. He wears a yellow sleeveless openly hoodie with a black short sleeve fitted shirt, blue baggy jean shorts with a brown belt to his waist and white sneakers.


Sean is eager to prove himself as a strong fighter, and hates being referred to as weak. He often makes a point of bringing up Dan Hibiki as a shining example of weakness and thus someone he hates being compared to.

He is also a huge fan of Ken Masters, and wishes to learn from him in hopes of becoming a better person. Additionally, Sean reads a magazine named "Masters Online Karate" at the time of Street Fighter V. Sean is also somewhat afraid of his older sister Laura.

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