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Sequel is a term given to a game that is produced after the first game in a series. Sequels usually share elements from previous games in its series, examples of these elements are:

  • Storyline
  • Characters
  • Controller Set-up
  • Gameplay elements
  • Graphics
  • Platform used to run the game
  • Objective of the game

Often the developer will seek to improve on elements of the first game to make the sequel more fun to play, an example of this are advancing the graphics to create a nicer look to the game in the sequel.

Usually sequels are given a similar titles to the previous games in the series with denotations that make them recognizable such as numerical references or different names i.e. If the first game in a series was "Optical Cannon" then a sequel may be given a name such as "Optical Cannon 2" or "Optical Cannon: Revenge of the Cannon".

A sequel is likely to have new characters and ennemies to make the game seem newer and have more detail.

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