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Serious Games Interactive is a games developer located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is one of the leading developers in Europe for Serious games and game-based learning.


Serious Games Interactive was founded in 2005 in a partnership between Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen and Unity Technologies. Since its inception the company has developed and completed more than 30 serious games related projects.

In 2010 it was awarded a BETT Award for its flagship title Global Conflicts: Palestine. It was also awarded the Best major European learning game for 'Playing History - The Plague' in the 1st European Best Learning Game competition.

Serious games[]

Serious Games Interactive has made over 30 learning, simulation and training games, The most well-known serious games is Global Conflicts: Palestine

Among their clients, Serious Games Interactive has the Danida, Unicef, WWF, NATO, LEGO, Novo Nordisk, Amnesty International, Danish National Museum, Danish Radio and European School Network.

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