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Game Gear version[]

Shinobi is a Game Gear version of the well known Shinobi series created by Sega. It still stars Joe Musashi as Shinobi, but with other Shinobis that you can switch out. Each Shinobi has a different ability, ninjitsu and weapon. They are also specially color coded - like Power Rangers. Joe Musashi is the Red Shinobi.

You start off with Joe in the first level, until you beat the boss, rescuing the Pink Shinobi from some kind of mind control that made him fight you. From there, you can switch between red & pink, as you progress to the next levels, saving one Shinobi each level. You can replay levels with the new Shinobi you just saved, allowing you to access areas you couldn't before, or reach certain items. The sequel to this game is Shinobi II.


  • Red Shinobi, Joe Musashi

Primary Weapon: Katana; Close range attack.
Special Ninjitsu: Create earthquake, destroying enemies and cracked blocks on the screen.
Ability: None

  • Pink Shinobi

Primary Weapon: Somehow, throws Bombs; Medium range attack.
Special Ninjitsu: Create a flash of light, illuminating darkness and stunning enemies.
Ability: Can walk on flat ceilings.

  • Yellow Shinobi

Primary Weapon: Energy ball. Hold down to charge it and make it stronger; Long range attack.
Special Ninjitsu: Calls down lightning to surround him, making him temporarily invincible.
Ability: Walks on water.

  • Blue Shinobi

Primary Weapon: Kusarigama (Sickle on a chain); Medium range attack.
Special Ninjitsu: Temporarily turns into an invincible tornado, which can fly & destroy.
Ability: Swing using his kusarigama on special swing points.

  • Green Shinobi

Primary Weapon: Shurikens; Long range attack.
Special Ninjitsu: Seppeku? Green explodes and comes back, costing him one life but destroying enemies.
Ability: Can double jump. If Shurikens are used in second jump, he will spray shurikens in a quarter circle.