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Shuyin from Final Fantasy X-2

Game Series Final Fantasy series
First Appearance Final Fantasy X-2
Status: Unsent
Species: Human
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Creator(s): Tetsuya Nomura
Voice Actor(s): James Arnold Taylor (English), Masakazu Morita (Japanese)

A native of Zanarkand who had lived during the age of the Machina War between Zanarkand and Bevelle. The lover of the songstress-summoner Lenne, he refused to accept her fate when she was ordered to the front lines – from which she would most certainly not return – and attempted to commandeer Bevelle's machina weapon, Vegnagun, in the hopes of using it to end the war and save Lenne. Both Shuyin and his love were gunned down in front of Vegnagun after she prevented him from using it to take many lives for her sake. Sealed in the Den of Woes, Shuyin's unsent spirit (filled with despair and self-loathing) cannot fade away and be free of his suffering. Shuyin desires to destroy all of Spira in the hopes that his agony may be able to end and that there can never again be a war like the one that cost him and Lenne their lives. On first seeing him in the sphere Kimahri found on Gagazet that began her new adventure, Yuna mistook him for her lost love, Tidus, due to their striking physical resemblances to one another. Unlike other Unsent, Shuyin can possess people, controlling those who are deep in malice as he is. He can also possess Fayth, using their Aeons to help him. He was eventually defeated and shortly reunited with Lenne as they faded. Like Tidus, he is voiced by James Arnold Taylor in English, and Masakazu Morita in Japanese.