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Silent Hill 2 is the second game in Konami's popular survival horror series, Silent Hill. It has nothing to do with the first game at all, and instead, follows the horific adventures of another man, James Sunderland.


James Sunderland is shocked when he receives a letter from his deceased wife, Mary, telling him to come to Silent Hill, their favorite vacationing spot. When he arrives, however, he finds the town abandoned, fog shrouded, and populated by horrific monsters. there are also other people in the town, such as Angela Orsoco, a young woman who seems to have a dark past, Eddie Dombrowski, an overweight man who has a habit of appearing around corpses, Laura, a young girl who seems to know a lot about James' late wife, and Maria, a woman who looks and sounds just like Mary, just with different hair and more provocative clothing. As he travels through the abandoned town, he also encounters a creature that appears to be a well built man in a blood covered butchers smock, knee high boots, and surgical gloves, wielding a giant knife and a large, rusty metal pyramid shaped helmet, hence naming him Pyramid Head. As James and Maria go through a hospital, Pyramid Head shows up and ultimately kills Maria, leaving James alone. James continues his journey to the Lakeview Hotel, the hotel where James and Mary spent their time in Silent Hill together. Along the way, he meets Eddie, clearly insane, and revealing that he shot people who made fun of him. When James asks him if he's gone crazy, Eddie interprets this as an insult, therefore attempting to kill James, forcing him to kill Eddie in self defense. when he reaches the Hotel, he makes it to the room where he and Mary spent their time together, only then being revealed to him on a videotape, that Mary did not die of a terminal illness, but was murdered by James himself only a couple weeks ago, and that the letter was a figment of his psychology. he then proceeds to find Angela on a burning staircase, who asks James to give her back her kitchen knife he received from her earlier in the game. James refuses, and she proceeds up the staircase, probably to kill herself in the fire. James then finds Maria, once again reincarnated, hanging upside down, about to be killed by two pyramid heads. James then falls to his knees, stating that he knows that he needed Pyramid Head to punish James for his sins, and that he's accepted the truth. the Pyramid Heads then battle with James, only to kill themselves on their own spears. James then ascends to the roof of the hotel, finding either Mary, angry at James for killing her, or Maria, disguised as Mary, in a final effort to get James to accept her. he will either reject her because she's not Mary, or because he knows that he doesn't need her any more. either way, the woman will turn into a horrendous beast, which james must kill. after this, 1 of 4 endings will play, and one joke ending.

Dog Ending (Joke Ending) : James uses a key found in a doghouse early in the game, revealing a dog that has been controlling the entire events of the game. then, some very humorous ending credits will play.

In Water: James talks to a revived Mary, but before they can make peace, she dies. Overwhelmed with sorrow, James drives his car into Toluca Lake. this ending is achieved if the player examines Angela's knife a lot.

Maria: James walks to Rose water park, the place where he met Maria, and stares into the lake. suddenly, a once again reincarnated Maria arrives and leave the town with James. However, she starts coughing, implying that she may become ill like Mary, and the events that led James to murder may repeat themselves. this is achieved if the player doesn't care much about Mary, and cares a lot about Maria ( Like protecting her well from monsters, visiting her when she's sick in the hospital, spending a lot of time with her, etc.)

Rebirth: James will be rowing a boat to an island in the middle of the lake, attempting to revive his wife with various occult items he collects trough the game, with unknown results. this is achieved if the player gathers 4 special objects throughout the entire game.

Leave: James is sitting by Mary on her deathbed, and she forgives him for killing her. she then hands him a longer version of the letter received at the beginning of the game. after which, James can be seen leaving Silent Hill along with Laura, possibly carrying out Mary's wish to adopt her. This ending is achieved if he player focuses less on Maria and more on Mary's picture and letter.

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