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Silent Scope is an arcade game that puts the player in the shoes of a sniper during a series of terrorist incidents. Unlike most first person shooters, this gun for this game is mounted to the machine, requiring players to physically alter their position to shoot. Other notable characteristics of the game include:

  • The Gun: The gun itself is not a light gun, but mounted on an oversized joystick. The featured sniper rifle in the game is based upon the HK MSG-90.
  • Gun Scope: The gun used in Silent Scope arcade machines is shaped as a sniper rifle, and its scope features a small LCD display to show a zoomed-in view of the current area.
  • Time Limit: Players are constantly fighting against the clock at the top of the game, time is increased after clearing an area of all enemies.
  • Life Recovery: To recover life lost in the game, players must look for beautiful women and train the scope on them.
  • Auto-reload: Players do not reload the gun, the magazine is reloaded automatically after every five shots.
  • Bosses: Bosses have a set amount of hit points (normally 5 or 10 unless they are in a vehicle) they can be killed with one shot if the player hits them in the head.

The game was successful enough to spawn sequels: Silent Scope II, Silent Scope 3, Silent Scope EX and a version for the Game Boy Advance. A port has also been announced for the iPhone OS.[1] The game was offered for a $.99 promotion from August 27 to August 29, 2009 on the App Store.[2]


The American First Family, including the President of the United States, was returning from a function in Chicago, Illinois when their convoy was ambushed by terrorists. In the resulting confusion, the terrorists managed to capture the entire first family, and are demanding the release of their leader (the dictator) in exchange for the safe return of the president. Washington officials have decided to resolve the problem quietly, using military force.

The player's first assignment is to assist police at the scene of the kidnapping, where officers are trading fire with terrorists on the ground and on top of several high rise structures. With these units gone, the player is presented with options on how to proceed. Throughout the remainder of level one and level two, players assist in recapturing the president's daughter and the first lady, choosing which of three paths to take. The first path, the Tower Building, will let the player battle Scorpion, who is armed with a rocket launcher and has the first lady hostage. The Air Battle sets the player against the Scorpion Bros., who pilot a fighter plane. While the Stadium mission lets the player battle Cobra, who is running through a stadium while carrying the president's daughter on his shoulder. If you choose the first two paths, you will proceed to the highway to shoot at terrorist in their vehicles and battle Cobra, who first tries to shoot at you, but after defeating you, tries to ram you with a huge truck. If you choose the Stadium, however, you will proceed to a hotel to shoot terrorists and battle Hornet, an expert sniper.

The player is then given two choices on how to sneak into the enemy base. Afterwards, the player battles a pair of bosses, Tom and Jerry, before entering the enemy base. The last level presents new challenges. Once inside the enemy headquarters the player's backup comes under fire, leaving the player alone in a dark house to find the terrorists. After a series of dark corridors and staircases, the player will reach the warehouse, where he will face several tough terrorists. After defeating the terrorist, the player battles the hardest boss of the game, Monica, who moves fast and has full body armor. She will first try to scratch the player, but after loss of her helmet or the loss of too much of her health, she will go near the president and shoot at you with her sub-machinegun. Eventually, the player will defeat Monica and secure the president, but the player is then forced to take out the leader of the terrorist group. This is by far the most challenging part of the game, as the player only has one bullet and the leader is on a boat swaying in the distance. A shot that misses him or fails to hit him in the head results in the instant loss of the game. If the shot does hit him in the head, he falls over and dies while his boat crashes. The player is congratulated by the backup who is revealed to be alive.


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