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Skies of Arcadia, known as Skies of Arcadia Legends when it was ported in 2003 to the Nintendo GameCube, is a turn-based RPG with a cult following. The follows the adventures of Vyse and his friend Aika as they discover a mysterious girl in weird clothing named Fina. Vyse and Aika are air pirates, fighting against the evil Valuan Empire. In addition to normal on-foot battles, you will run into Airship battles every once in a while. You can even recruit a varied crew that can alter your ships performance.

Gamecube Differences[edit | edit source]

When the game was ported to the Gamecube, slight changes were made.

  • The number of random battles were lowered. A common complaint of the DC version was that you would run into fights every two steps. To accommodate for the lower battle rate, the GC version gives you more EXP.
  • New sidequests that reveal what happened before the story.
  • New characters to run into, such as the assassin Piastol
  • Hunt "Wanted" criminals for bounty.
  • More Discoveries
  • All downloadables in the DC version are packaged into the GC game.
  • New ultimate weapons at your disposal.
  • Find Moonfish throughout the world to gain knowledge & items.

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