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Skip (usually styled, skip) is a Japanese video game developer that has a close relationship with Nintendo of Japan. Nintendo has published all of their Japanese releases; with the only notable exception being LOL (Archime DS), which Skip Ltd. published independently. The company's staff includes prominent developers from Square such as Kenichi Nishi and Keita Eto.

Skip Ltd. has the following development teams: 24 Department, 819 Department, and 1 Department.


Game Boy Advance[]

bit Generations series[]

Nintendo DS[]

  • Art Style: AQUIA (DSiWare)
  • Art Style: BASE 10 (DSiWare)
  • Art Style: BOXLIFE (DSiWare)
  • Art Style: precipice (DSiWare)
  • Art Style: PiCTOBiTS (DSiWare)
  • Art Style: ZENGAGE (DSiWare)
  • Chibi-Robo!: Park Patrol
  • Okaeri! Chibi-Robo! Happy Richie Dai Souji!
  • LOL

Nintendo GameCube[]