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Smurf Paint & Play Workshop is a game released for the ColecoVision. It is based on the popular Saturday morning cartoon show of the 1980s.


Gameplay is identical to that of The Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show, in that players can draw and create their own scenes, or choose from any one of four background scenes and start to add clip-art objects, furniture and free form design. The four scenes in this game are:

-Outside a mushroom house
-Inside a mushroom house
-The River crossing
-Gargamel's Castle

Create any number of decorated scenarios and then use either controller to change into one of four characters: Smurf, Papa Smurf, Smurfette or Gargamel and play around in the graphic you have created. Characters are able to move left, right, up, down... jump and drop.

Though you can record your animations and play them back, there is no method of saving your work, so it all disappears when the power goes off.


Prior to this release, a Smurf "play and learn" educational cartridge for the ColecoVision was advertised in their promotional literature, but was never worked on or released.

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