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Snatcher is an adventure game that was released by Konami and was directed by Hideo Kojima. In Japan, it was released on the NEC PC-8801, MSX2, PC-Engine Super CD, Sega Saturn, and the PlayStation. In North America and Europe, the game was released only on the Sega CD. The event was later known as The Catastrophe.


On June 6, 1996 a chemical weapon known as Lucifer-Alpha under development in Chernoton, Russia, is released into the atmosphere which killed 80% of Eastern part of the world. The contaminated area becomes uninhabitable for a decade, when Lucifer-Alpha mutates into a non-lethal form.

Years later, a mysterious half-machine, half-human life form known as Snatchers started to appear and killed people of high class society and taking their place undetected.

You play as Gillian Seed, a man who has the misfortune of having amnesia for the past three years along with his wife, Jaime, who starts out as a JUNKER, a force of people who terminate the Snatchers. As you get accompanied to your position at JUNKER HQ, fellow JUNKER gets murdered and Gillian takes up his investigation and investigates his murder.


The game is an interactive adventure, you choose what to do and what to investigate. There are also battles in which you have to shoot enemies, the battle consists of nine grids where you use the Directional pad to choose a grid. The Sega CD, Sega Saturn and PlayStation versions feature light gun support.

Influence on Later Games[]

The game allowed Hideo Kojima to hone his skills for future games such as Policenauts and Metal Gear Solid.


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