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Sonic Adventure 2 (Japanese: ソニックアドベンチャー2) (Hepburn: Sonikku Adobenchā Tsū) is a 2001 3D platformer video game by Sega, for the Dreamcast, and later for the Nintendo GameCube under the title Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (Japanese: ソニックアドベンチャー2 バトル) (Hepburn: Sonikku Adobenchā Tsū Batoru). Sonic Adventure 2 is the sequel to the 1999 game Sonic Adventure.


The game alternates among three basic styles of play: 3D platform levels where the object is to reach the finish line, mechanoid battle levels where the object is to reach the finish line, or exploration levels where the object is to find the three crystal shards on that level. Sonic and Shadow are used in the 3D platform levels, Tails and Dr. Eggman are used in the mechanoid levels, and Knuckles and Rogue are used in the exploration levels. On all levels, the player can collect rings for earning potential bonus points.


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was the tenth best selling GameCube game. [1]

Level List[]


  1. City Escape (Sonic)
  2. Wild Canyon (Knuckles)
  3. Prison Lane (Tails)
  4. Metal Harbor (Sonic)
  5. Green Forest (Sonic)
  6. Pumpkin Hill (Knuckles)
  7. Mission Street (Tails)
  8. Aquatic Mine (Knuckles)
  9. Route 101 (Tails)
  10. Hidden Base (Tails)
  11. Pyramid Cave (Sonic)
  12. Death Chamber (Knuckles)
  13. Eternal Engine (Tails)
  14. Meteor Herd (Knuckles)
  15. Crazy Gadget (Sonic)
  16. Final Rush (Sonic)


  1. Iron Gate (Eggman)
  2. Dry Lagoon (Rouge)
  3. Sand Ocean (Eggman)
  4. Radical Highway (Shadow)
  5. Egg Quarters (Rouge)
  6. Lost Colony (Eggman)
  7. Weapons Bed (Eggman)
  8. Security Hall (Rouge)
  9. White Jungle (Shadow)
  10. Route 280 (Rouge)
  11. Sky Rail (Shadow)
  12. Mad Space (Rouge)
  13. Cosmic Wall (Eggman)
  14. Final Chase (Shadow)



  1. Bigfoot (Sonic)
  2. Eggman (Tails)
  3. Shadow (Sonic)
  4. King Boom Boo (Knuckles)
  5. Egg Golem (Sonic)
  6. Rouge (Knuckles)
  7. Eggman (Tails)
  8. Shadow (Sonic)


  1. Hot Shot (Shadow)
  2. Tails (Eggman)
  3. Flying Dog (Rouge)
  4. Sonic (Shadow)
  5. Egg Golem (Eggman)
  6. Knuckles (Rouge)
  7. Tails (Eggman)
  8. Sonic (Shadow)


  1. Biolizard (Shadow)
  2. Finalhazard (Super Sonic and Super Shadow)

Sonic Adventure 2 HD[]

A HD port of Sonic Adventure 2 was released in 2010 on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store and on Steam. However, the Battle mode has been separated and is now available as DLC. There are minor differences present in this version.


Chao Key[]

Chao Key was a glitch that was discovered by speedrunner DarkSpines Sonic. It allows the player to manipulate chao keys (that normally teleport you to the Chao World) to teleport into levels that the character was not originally supposed to enter.

Test Level[]

Utilising the above glitch, it is possible to get into a beta room, which has little to no points of interest, it was simply used to test various features of the game, but was left in the files.




  1. Strangely, Big does not appear in Wild Canyon in the PS3 and Xbox 360 releases.