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Sonic Adventure 2 (2010)

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Main Game[]

Title Image Description Reward
Hello World
SA2B HelloWorld.png
Clear stage 1 on either side in story mode 20G
SA2B Chao!.png
Name your Chao for the first time 20G
Chao Raiser
SA2B ChaoRaiser.png
Raise all 5 properties of any one Chao up to level 10 20G
SA2B Hero!.png
Clear HERO side in story mode 20G
SA2B Dark!.png
Clear DARK side in story mode 20G
Boss Attack
SA2B BossAttack.png
Clear all 3 modes in Boss Attack Mode 20G
Mission Complete
SA2B MissionComplete.png
Win all A RANKs (5 A RANKs) in any one stage in story mode 20G
Heaven or Hell
SA2B HeavenOrHell.png
Raise a HERO Chao and a DARK Chao with your hero and dark characters respectively 40G
Beyond Good And Evil
SA2B BeyondGoodAndEvil.png
Clear LAST part in story mode 40G
Speedy Racer
SA2B SpeedyRacer.png
Win NO.1 in expert level in kart race 40G
Emblem Collector
SA2B EmblemCollector.png
Unlock 90 emblems 40G
You Are The Legend
SA2B YouAreTheLegend.png
Win A RANK in all stages in story mode 100G


Title Image Description Reward
Level 4!
SA2B Level4!.png
Play all level 4 stages in Action Race, Treasure Hunter and Shooting Battle 30G
Karate Master
SA2B KarateMaster.png
Beat all your enemies in Super Level in Chao Karate 1P mode 10G
Emblem Mania
SA2B EmblemMania.png
Unlock all 180 emblems 60G