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Differences to Sonic Adventure[]

This section contains specific information about the differences between Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut to Sonic Adventure.

  • Graphics were greatly enhanced, the PC port being capable of HD graphics.
  • The user can now alternate between Auto Camera and Free Camera. However, the camera will switch back to Auto Camera after dying, restarting or completing a level. The HD versions do not do this however.
  • Internet features from the Dreamcast version were omitted.
  • A Mini-Game collection was added, containing numerous Game Gear titles.
  • A Mission mode containing 60 missions was added into the game.
  • Metal Sonic is now a playable character in Trial mode. He is an award for obtaining all 130 emblems, and he plays identically to Sonic himself.
  • The ability to skip cut-scenes was added
  • Loading times have been shortened, with the 2004 PC release having near-instantaneous loading times, hardware-dependant.
  • The PC version did not have the Tiny Chao Garden.

HD versions[]

  • The Mini-Game collection was omitted from the HD versions
  • Some features, like Metal Sonic and the Mission Mode, are now DLC.