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Sonic Colors, entitled Sonic Colours (ソニック カラーズ Sonikku Karāzu?) outside of America and Japan, is a game for the Nintendo Wii console and Nintendo DS. It was first announced on May 26, 2010 in a press release by Sega for Italy, and included a teaser trailer.

A remastered version of the Wii port, Sonic Colors: Ultimate, was released worldwide on September 7, 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


Sonic Colors is on the Wii and the Nintendo DS in Late 2010. Sonic Colors for the Wii seamlessly combines both 3D and classic 2D game play perspectives, similar to the day stages of Sonic Unleashed while the Nintendo DS version takes full advantage of the console's dual screen, similar to the Sonic Rush series. The Wii version is developed by Sega and Sonic Team whereas the DS version is developed by Sonic Team and Dimps.

The head supervisor is Takashi Iizuka. Morio Kishimoto directed the Wii version of the game, Kishimoto was also involved in the Sonic Storybook Series. Takao Hiyabayashi directed the DS version, Hiyabayashi was in the development of Sonic Unleashed.

The general difficulty of Sonic Colours will suit younger fans; zones still fly by and you’ll wonder at times just how much control you actually have. But each level is crammed, throwing you from one experience to the next. Couple that with the vibrant, colourful new world though and hopefully older Sonic fans will have enough to go at too.



Dr Eggman's Amusement Park brochure

Wii version[]

The scene starts with Sonic and Tails in Tropical Resort, a part of Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park. Sonic says that he loves the place because of its beauty and everybody else would enjoy. Tails agrees and asks Sonic why are they here because it seems that Eggman is actually showing a remorse of his past deeds and the park doesn't look harmful at all. Sonic disagrees with that, certain that Eggman's theme park is part of a plot. Tails then says that the way they came in was through Eggman's elevator, but Sonic says that Eggman must be begging them to ruin his plan. They then hear some noise and Sonic runs to see what is going on, where he sees Orbot and Cubot chasing two Wisps, one white and the other cyan. Sonic was not sure what was going on but he knew that he had to save the Wisps. When he does, he asks the Wisps on what is going on, until suddenly the cyan Wisp goes inside Sonic with Sonic completely unaware of it. He turns into a laser and goes around the place at an incredible speed.

Tails is seen with a White Wisp modifying his Miles Electric until the White Wisp says something unintelligably as Tails tells him that he is making a translator so that he can understand what the Wisp is saying. Sonic then reaches Tails in his laser form and then the Cyan Wisp comes out of Sonic's body and goes. Sonic tells Tails in amazement on what just happened. Tails tells him that it is kind of hard to believe. But Yacker tries proving that Sonic is right through gestures, but Sonic and Tails fail to understand. Sonic is then certain Eggman is up to something.

Further in Tropical Resort, Eggman counts up the captured Wisps and tells Cubot and Orbot he needs more when Orbot warns him that Sonic is here. Eggman then tells them to get serious and tells Orbot to unleash the "Big Boy". Sonic trashes the robot easily and goes to Tails who is fixing up the translator and the White Wisp with him. The translator is finished, but still had a few problems, especially when it would translate the Wisp incorrectly. Thanks to the translator, Sonic and Tails found out that his name is Yacker and he is part of a race called Wisps who live in a distant planet and Yacker's people are kidnapped and he is desperate in saving them. Sonic agrees to free the Wisps but he prefers calling them aliens. Meanwhile Orbot and Cubot picks up parts of the destroyed Big Boy, Orbot tells Cubot that he is missing an arm of the robot, Cubot asks him if it is really that important, Orbot tells him that he right, it shouldn't matter that much, but actually the arm was on top of a machine leaking a purple fluid which malfunctions Eggman mind-controlling machine later in the story.

Sonic reaches Sweet Mountain and sees a giant generator. Sonic decides to investigate it because it was glowing. A giant pirate ship showed up to guard the generator, only to be destroyed by Sonic. After destroying the pirate and his ship, Tails came up to Sonic along with Yacker. Sonic told him that he missed the "BBBE" which stands for "Best Boss Beating Ever". Tails then tells him that Yacker had given him more information that Eggman (whom they call "Baldy Nosehair") is behind all this, a nickname both Sonic and Tails find hilarious, so they end up calling him "Baldy McNosehair".

The two then visit Starlight Carnival looking for Eggman. Eggman took them by surprise and mind-controlled Tails by zapping him with a purple laser and forces Tails to fight Sonic, but Sonic refuses to fight him as Tails is still his friend, when Tails was ready to hurt Sonic, he fell on Sonic as Eggman ran out of power so Tails came back to his senses. Eggman reveals that he plans to do this to the whole world. Eggman then sends Sonic a personal tour guide, which was actually another "giant killer robot". Sonic trashes it while Tails went to Yacker. Tails' translator reveals big news: the energy the Wisps provide is called "Hyper-go-on power" and Eggman is after that energy. Also, Eggman is using 5 generators to hold the theme park together. Lucky for Sonic, he had already broken two generators without even knowing that he had to break them.

The scene then shows Eggman making more plans to mind-control the world. Cubot asks him if he is really that sure that can take over the world, but Eggman gets annoyed by Cubot's "cowboy accent" and asks him where is his original voice chip, Orbot comes in the room with a chip and inserts it into Cubot's "mouth bone", unfortunately it was the wrong chip and Cubot started having a "pirate" accent and left the room.

Sonic then reaches Planet Wisp and then Aquarium Park and breaks the generators over there. At Asteroid Coaster, Sonic and Tails find a factory of Wisps being mind-controlled and turned into "Nega Wisps", Wisps with a purple or violet color. Sonic destroys that factory and thought that the Wisps have been changed back. He then reaches Tropical Resort and celebrates his victory with Tails and the Wisps as he thought Eggman was finally defeated and starts break-dancing.

However, Eggman still possessed the energy of the Nega Wisps, regardless of the generator's state, and prepared to unleash his mind-control ray on the planet. Cubot tells him that he is going to lose anyways. Orbot gets proud of him and slaps his back, causing Cubot to get his original voice back. Eggman then activates the Mind Control Cannon but the cannon malfunctions due to the damage from earlier. With the park failing apart from backlash, Eggman vows to destroy Sonic. In Tropical Resort, Sonic and Tails feel an earthquake and head to Eggman's elevator to go back home. Unfortunately, both were stopped by Dr. Eggman in his newest mecha. Tails is unsure of their success, so Sonic shoves Tails back into the space elevator and sends him back, leaving him to fight Eggman.

The two fight once again and finally with the help of every type of Wisp, Sonic defeats Eggman with the Final Color Blaster. The malfunctioning cannon creates a black hole of negative energy that consumed the amusement park and the defeated Eggman while Sonic tries to run away from the growing black hole. While even he was unable to outrun a black hole, all of the Wisps use their energy to neutralize the black hole and save Sonic as he lies fainted and Yacker changes the Nega Wisps back to normal. Sonic wakes up back on Earth, breathing heavily and tired looking. Tails comes to him and told Sonic that he shouldn't have pushed him into the elevator like that but thanked him for handling Eggman all by himself. Yacker comes and thanks them and the good news is that Tails' translator is working perfectly. Yacker tells them that he has to go back to his planet, saddening Tails. Yacker then high-fives Sonic and Tails, then goes back to his planet.

Out in space, Eggman has survived and Orbot and Cubot are pushing his transport back. Eggman is furious at losing again but Orbot told him to look on the bright side by telling him that Cubot finally got his voice back. It all ends with Cubot excited to get his voice back, and celebrates by continuously talking until the scene ends.

DS Version[]

The DS version of the game has the same scenario though, more brief and no jokes added. The difference is that the translator works perfectly in the DS version. Thus, after all Chaos Emeralds are collected from Special Stages there is a special boss called Nega Mother-Wisp. She is actually Yacker's mother who was possessed by the Negative Hyper-go-on energy. Sonic had no choice but to fight her in the form of Super Sonic.

After fighting her, she was able to turn back to her normal form, Mother-Wisp. Sonic found out that she is not only Yacker's mother but is the mother of all Wisps and the creator of Planet Wisp.

The story was done by the writers of the famous SEGA game, MadWorld as stated by Takashi Iizuka and the writers of Happy Tree Friends have added humor to the cutscenes.





  • Egg Pawn
  • Spinner
  • Buzzer
  • Burrobot (Big and small)
  • Motobug (Big and Small)
  • Crabmeat
  • Spiny
  • Orbinaut
  • Chopper (Big and small)
  • Jaws (Big and Small)
  • Caterkiller
  • Aero Chaser
  • A Crablike enemy that works like the Interceptor

Voice actors[]

The game, alongside Sonic Free Riders, is the first to feature the new English voice cast, with all voices except for Eggman's being changed.

English voice Role
Roger Craig Smith Sonic the Hedgehog
Kate Higgins Miles "Tails" Prower
Mike Pollock Dr. Eggman
Kirk Thornton Orbot, Shadow the Hedgehog (DS version only), Announcer
Wally Wingert Cubot
Travis Willingham Knuckles the Echidna(DS version only)
Laura Bailey Blaze the Cat (DS version only)
Cindy Robinson Amy Rose (DS version only)
Quinton Flynn Silver the Hedgehog (DS version only)
Michelle Ruff Cream the Rabbit (DS version only)
Kyle Hebert Big the Cat (DS version only)
Troy Baker Espio the Chameleon (DS version only)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Charmy Bee (DS version only)
Keith Silverstein Vector the Crocodile (DS version only)
Karen Strassman Rouge the Bat (DS version only)
Vic Mignogna E-123 Omega (DS version only)


The stages (except special stages in the DS version) are accessed by a world map. The 8 stages listed below, Challenge Mode (where you play each act consecutively), and Options can be selected from the world map.

  • Tropical Resort
  • Sweet Mountain
  • Starlight Carnival
  • Planet Wisp
  • Aquarium Park
  • Asteroid Coaster
  • Terminal Velocity
  • Game Land/Sonic Simulator (multiplayer)

Note: Game Land's levels act as Special Stages. If you complete a set of 3 acts, you get a Chaos Emerald.

All the stages above (besides Game Land), once selected, will take you to the stage-specific area map. Each area map has 6 acts and a boss selectable, and the number of S ranks and special rings earned. However, Terminal Velocity (being the final stage) has only 2 acts selectable and no special rings.

Special Stages (DS)[]

The DS version has Special Stages in which by completing each, a Chaos Emerald will be received. It is entirely similar to the Special Stages that were used in Sonic Rush, except instead of collecting rings, Sonic will have to collect colorful balls, like in Sonic Heroes. The player needs to collect the spheres of the same colors as the top screen. The rainbow ones can be collected at any time. There are also checkered ones, that if the player has collected all of them a 10 sphere bonus will be received.

Sonic Simulator[]

Main article: Sonic Simulator

Sonic Sim is the multiplayer mode of the game which can be unlocked by collecting red emblems. There are total 21 stages and only Robo-Sonics and Miis are playable.



Cover art for HYBRiD COLORS

The game now has its own sound track called ViViD SOUND X HYBRiD COLORS produced by Wave Master. It also consist of the main themes and the in-game level music.

The theme song of the game is Reach For The Stars. It is sung by Jean Paul Makhlouf from the band, Cash Cash. The ending theme of the game is Speak With Your Heart, which is also sung by Cash Cash.

The music is composed by SEGA Sound Team. Takashi Iizuka stated that:

Since the game has an amusement-park setting and a more fantastical visual style, they're trying to expand the usual "cool" Sonic sound and focus on making fun, up-tempo music that will really get players' blood pumping."

The Nintendo Power Magazine praised the music by saying it's, "annoying, catchy and rubbish", and that is what they always liked about the music in Sonic games.



A preview of the Official Nintendo Power Magazine gaming studios said that the action was fast, the levels were nice and long, and that there were loads of different routes available through each level. Their favorite Wisp was the Drill Wisp. In the end they mentioned that Sonic was at his best at mimicking Mario elements similar to 2010's hit game Super Mario Galaxy 2. They said the game will be the equivalent of all-daytime stages of Sonic Unleashed. IGN said that Sonic Colors might be, "The best Sonic game of this generation", praising its level design and fully-packed action with vibrant colors. It also was also nominated as the Best of E3 by IGN, but however, it did not win. Sonic Colors was nominated for Best Platformer Game at Gametrailers E3 2010 awards. Later IGN had given their own review giving it a very positive score of 8.5 which is awarded as the "Editors Choice award" on IGN's behalf on both DS and Wii. For the DS version they had said that it is on of Sonic's best portable platformers and it a little classic touch in it. The said that go up slopes and falling in pits was very frustrating however the boss-fights were great. They said that the levels were very fun as it had great pacing but one major problem was that the game had no checkpoints and then you would have to start from the beginning of the level even if you are in a boss-fight. For the Wii version, they said that it is one of the most attractive looking games on the Wii this year as it has great animation and they mentioned that it was the best that Sonic has ever looked. They said the music was good having a huge amount of visual stages, from Casino, to parks and interstellar space areas. The thing they liked was that the cast of characters was greatly reduced. They said the game's platforming was good and was similar the platforming of the Mario series. They complained on the game having many extra competitions and made it frustrating. They said that it was very important to do the extra missions that made the game no fun anymore. They said the Co-op wasn't very fun as it was frustrating and they said that one screen is not enough for two Sonics.


NGamer are the first who made their review of the game, they gave it an 86%. They had commented on the Wisp power by saying, "These aren't powerups, they're toys - single-use shots of pure fun that have the happy side effect of opening up new pathways in already pleasingly labyrinthine stages." About the difficulty of the game they had said "The result is a series of intricate and occasionally extremely tricky levels." Nintendo Power had also given their magazine review giving the Wii a 9.0/10 and the DS version a 7.5/10. They had praised the Wii version saying that "Not just a step in the right direction, but an unequivocal success." they had also said that they would like a second installment of both versions, praising the careful platforming and level length. However, they criticized the Wii version for the boss-fights saying that the boss-fights are "Recycled, slapping on a new coat of paint and altered attack patterns". They had appreciated the DS version for the fast and brilliant level design, but had criticized that the game was too short, containing of approximately 4 hours of gameplay unlike the Wii version that has 20+ hours of gameplay. The British magazine ONM (Official Nintendo Magazine) had given the Wii version an 86% and the DS version 85% saying pretty much the same as NGamer and Nintendo Power but they also criticized the multiplayer of the Wii version saying, "It just doesn't fit well in the game. They could have made it like the multiplayer in New Super Mario Bros. Wii but we guess they decided to take a different turn. And it's a pretty annoying one at that". They praised the game's speed and scenary though saying, "It's almost sad to say that most of the time the beautiful scenary in the game is reduced to a speedy blur. But at the same time it's wonderful to see that Sonic is back in shape and running brilliantly to the catchy tunes again". WiiMagazin, which is a German gaming magazine, said, "There is a God, and he's a Sonic fan". They gave the Wii version 92% and the DS version 90%. IGN gave both the Wii and DS versions an 8.5/10 also giving it an Editor's Choice Award saying, "This is the best looking Sonic game in years and one of 2010's biggest surprises". They criticized the multiplayer and later difficulty of the game saying, "One screen isn't enough for two Hedgehog's". They also said, "We had a lot of unexpected trouble near the end of the game. Sometimes you feel so frustrated that you feel like throwing the Wiimote and Nunchuck out the window or something." They praised the game's graphic's though saying, "Graphics are outstanding and makes the game look like a true work of art." Famitsu uses a panel of four reviewers to judge games however they gave most panels for the game 8, making it have a score of 34/40 which is equivalent to 85% and the DS version got 32/40 which is 80%. These are the highest Famitsu scores for a Sonic title since Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast was given a 38/40 in 1998.

Eurogamer put their review of the Wii version out today and it was a positive one, with an 8/10 score awarded. The game received positive marks for its controls, simple storyline and replayability. Videogamer are equally positive in their review, where the Wii version got another 8/10. Videogamer’s Jamin Smith says “The controls are tight and simple, and even the camera is on its best behaviour throughout.”, the latter being something most modern console Sonic games are often panned for.

As for the DS version, Game Informer gave the game an 8.5/10 for its fluid high-speed, the Wisps adding interesting gameplay and the addictive special stages.


  • SA-55's real name has been revealed known as "Orbot" in this game.
  • If a customer pre-orders Sonic Colors at Gamestop, the customer can get a free hat with the look of Sonic's
    File:Sonic Hat.png

    Sonic Hat

    blue quills on their head.
  • This is the second game in which Egg Pawns wear certain clothing or armor depending on the stage environment, the first being Casino Park in Sonic Heroes.
  • This marks the first 3D Sonic game since Sonic Heroes, to feature the classic level title cards at the start of a level.
  • This game marks the first time Sonic is able to perform a double jump since Sonic R.
  • The Wisps in the DS version are different than those in the Wii version, with the exception of the orange, white, yellow, and cyan Wisps. They can also be used in different ways in each version.
  • Sonic Colors features a fully animated title screen; a feature not seen from a 3D Sonic game sinceSonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • In the E3 demo when Sonic would activate the "Drill Power" the announcer would say, "Spin!" but in the final version of the game he says, "Drill!". Also, before activating the power of any Wisps, the announcer would say, "Color!" in the demo version, but in the final build he doesn't say anything until Sonic activated the power.
  • This is the first 3D Sonic game where the player can interact with the Result screen directly.
  • This game is going to feature 6 acts per stage on the Wii version while the DS version has 2.
  • This is the first 3D game since Sonic Adventure to have Sonic enter water without losing a life, but he can only enter water in the 2D sections of the level.
  • This is the first time Sonic can perform a Stomp attack on a handheld console.
  • This is the very first game to feature Rings in CGI.
  • This is the first 3D game since Sonic '06 in which Sonic can both Spin Dash and Spin Dash Charge, but this can only be used with the Pink Wisps.
  • This is the first time Sonic interacts directly with Orbot.
  • This is the first main series 3D Sonic game where Sonic can transform into Super Sonic during the normal stages.
  • This is the first main series 3D Sonic game in which Eggman serves as the final boss.
  • This is the only main series 3D game where Sonic can fight the last boss with no need of a super form.
  • During one of Eggman's announcements, he mentions a yellow car with license plate "1NOM155" is about to get hit by an asteroid. This could be a reference to Crazy Taxi (another Sega game) as one of the characters, Axel, drives a taxi with the same license plate.
  • In the final cutscene of the Wii version, you can see Red and Violet Wisps, even though they are DS-exclusive. Similarly, the Blue, Pink and Green Wisps are seen in the ending of the DS version, even though they are Wii-exclusive. Also in the DS version, the opening cutscene (accessible from the options menu) shows all 10 types of Wisps.
  • Towards the end of the game, the Miles Electric's screen is shown. Earlier in the game, Tails says that the translations on there are in binary code, but the code shown on the device is in hexidecimal format. The bottom line of code translates to: "If you can read this, youXfre a geek!".

    An image showing the screen of the Miles Electric.

  • Unlike the other games, Sonic doesn't get an extra life upon gaining 100 rings in the Wii version.
  • If the player enters a 3D section of a level with an unactivated Wisp Power that's only supposed to be used in 2D sections, like Spikes or Rocket, "Z's" will appear over the icon. Possible meaning that the Wisp is asleep.
  • In DS version, Cheese is missing his bow-tie.
  • In the Wii version's ending, Dr. Eggman says he has another scheme planned, probably signifying that, once again, another game will be coming soon.
  • The DS version uses some CGI cutscene footage from the Wii version.
  • This is Sonic's first game on the Wii without Amy Rose.
  • Elements of this game appear to be an homage of the Japanese Tokusatsu production Kamen Rider W. The Japanese voice actor announcing the various color-powers is the same as the one that announces the various powers on Kamen Rider W. Additionally, the finisher attack used in the Final Boss Battle of the Wii Version of Sonic Colors is very reminiscent of the special attacks Kamen Rider W uses in his ultimate form.
  • This is the first Sonic game to interact with the title screen. (Use the control stick/ pad.)
  • This is the first Sonic game to interact with the credits, much like in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
  • This is the first main series Sonic game to be "E" rated since Sonic Heroes.


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