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Sonic Gems Collection is a compilation disc for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube.

Game List[]

The North American and European releases contained 11 full games, whereas the Japanese version contained 15 full games.

Sonic Games[]

Additional unlockable games[]

Japan-exclusive games[]

These games were omitted from the European and North American releases to lower the ESRB rating.


1. Play Mega Drive/Genesis Within Time Limit

2. Play Game Gear Within Time Limit

3. Watch Sonic Trailers

Omitted Games[]

Several games were omitted from the final release. The first was SEGASonic the Hedgehog, which was intended to be part of the compilation but was removed as the original games was controlled with a trackball. The next was Knuckles' Chaotix, which was removed for unknown reasons, however a whole art section still appears in the final game. The final was Sonic Eraser, which can be found by hacking the game. Four games [mentioned earlier] were omitted to lower the game's ESRB rating.


  • Sonic R was updated substantially, with improved graphics and gameplay.
  • The PC version of the compilation uses the PC ports of Sonic R and Sonic CD