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South Korea
Republic of Korea (orthographic projection).svg
South Korea is shown in dark green. Light green is area claimed, but not controlled by, South Korea.
Flag of South Korea.svg
The Taegukgi, the official flag of the Republic of Korea.
Basic Information

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea (ROK) (대한민국/Daehan Minguk in Korean) is a country of people who really really like their games and is home of many MMORPG players. It is also the source of many semi-polished free (while in beta) games that have become popular over the internet. It is one of the biggest independent gaming markets outside of Japan and North America. One of the most popular Western video games to find an audience in South Korea is StarCraft.

Typically game releases that are listed as Asia include South Korea, but the inverse is not guaranteed.

Video gaming in South Korea[]

South Korea is the fourth-largest gaming market in terms of gross revenue as of January 2019[1]

Free Games Provided by South Korea[]