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Fact Sheet: First Great War[]

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The Soviet Union is the union of socialist republics, led by Josef Stalin.

Ideology: It came to Stalin in a series of dreams. The birthright of the Soviet Empire is nothing less than conquering and dominating the entire world; the birthright of Josef Stalin is nothing less than conquering the spirit and dominating the actions of every Soviet citizen.

Current Head of State: Josef Stalin.

Base of Operations: Entire EuroAsian peninsula. Command posts identified in Moscow, Kiev, Stalingrad, Khartoum, Karachi, Da Nang.

Military Strength: Enlisted forces exceed 14 million. Non-regular forces including police and NKVD, about 7 million.

Economic Strength: Considerable operating assets believed to be in excess of 486.2 billion Swiss Francs.

Political Strength: Since every person in the Soviet Union must be a member of the Communist party, an incredible agent network of over 200 million civilians have infiltrated the governments of most Pan African, Pan Indian and Pan Asian governments with suspected strongholds in Mexico City and Vancouver.

Affiliations: World Democratic Society; Asian Defence League; Freedom Consortium.

Soviet Weaponry: The Soviets have a lot of technologically-advanced weaponry that are very brutal. All units and structures are detailed in the intelligence section of this site, but units include Heavy tanks, Mammoth tanks, V2 Rocket Launchers, Submarines, Mig and Yak Attack planes; all these units are considerably advanced while having a lot of firepower.

Top Secret: The Soviets are winning the race to develop nuclear weapons. They are also working on the ultimate weapon for invulnerability, codenamed "Iron Curtain".