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Space Ace is a 1984 Interactive fiction Laserdisc video game by Don Bluth, originally for Arcade platforms, and later ported to home consoles in the 90s. Space Ace is the successor to the 1983 Don Bluth Interactive fiction game Dragon's Lair.


The evil Commander Bork has obtained the Infanto Ray, a powerful ray gun that reverses the age of those it hits. Bork plans to use the Infanto Ray to force Earth to surrender to him, leading Space Ace, and his partner Kimberly to try and stop him. Ace is hit with the Infanto Ray, and thereby turned into a pre-teen, making him weaker and less skilled. Ace, now in his teenage state, and Kimberly must stop Bork from taking over the Earth.


Space Ace's graphics consist of a fully animated cartoon film, the outcome of which is determined by the player controlling the main character, Space Ace, as he goes through various perilous journeys to find and defeat the evil Commander Bork. The game is controlled by moving 1 of 4 directions, and using your weapon to attack, to react to specific points in the film, often with the aid of a flashing object showing you where to go. Moving the correct direction and using your weapon at the correct moment will cause you to move along in the game, but using the wrong control or waiting too long to react will result in Ace's failure, restarting you at the beginning of the scene.

Certain moments in the game give Ace the ability to transform into his original adult self, either to help the player advance through certain moments in the game, as well as give them an alternate way to complete certain task, with adult Ace's form requiring more fighting, and young Ace's dealing more with dodging and platforming. The game has the player travel through various levels, such as platforming across alien planets and space stations, and even sequences where the player pilots a space ship and motorcycle. Certain sections of the game give the player the option of choosing two routes to travel, which lead the player through completely different obstacles, but each ultimately leading to the same location at the end.







  • Ace refers to Borf as "old buddy" in the intro and in other parts of the game, however in the intro it's shown he's never met him, or even seen him before.