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Also sold as Spider-Man for the SEGA genesis. From the back of the box:
The Kingpin is back in town, and his latest plan to destroy Spider-Man is by far his most devilish! He has planted a bomb in New York and publicly blamed Spidey. Can you help our hero to 'defuse' this desperate situation?

This Spider-Man games is surprisingly true to the comics, and it's also insanely difficult. You have a certain amount of web cartridges. You can buy more at the end of the level ($250 a cartridge!), but to earn your money you need to take photos of the bad guys during the level. You can also sleep to refill your health between levels but this lowers the time left until the bomb explodes.


  1. Dr. Octopus
  2. The Lizard
  3. Electro
  4. The Sandman
  5. The Hobgoblin
  6. Venom
  7. The Kingpin

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