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Spiderweb Software is a small indie video game developer founded in 1994 by Jeff Vogel and located in Seattle, Washington. Its primary focus is on creating demoware games for the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. The company is fairly unique in that it first develops games for Macintosh systems before porting them to the Windows platform. It is also known for emphasizing storytelling and gameplay over graphics.[1]


Spiderweb Software is most notable for the following Role-playing games:

  • The Exile series of underground adventures.
  • The Avernum series, which are expanded updates of the Exile series with several enhancements to the visual design and gameplay.
  • The games Blades of Exile and Blades of Avernum, which include scenario creation kits and are a continuation of the previously mentioned series.
  • The Geneforge series, notable for its unique gameplay involving the creation of creatures to assist the player.
  • Nethergate, a fantasy game based upon the Roman occupation of Britain, as well as a revamped version called Nethergate: Resurrection.

Spiderweb's latest project was Avernum 6, the sixth and final instalment of the Avernum series, which was released in late 2009 for the Mac and Spring 2010 for Windows.[2]

After the Windows port of Avernum 6, Spiderweb Software announced that they are working on a new series, said to be in a brand new world with a new combat system.[3][4]

The company previously provided distribution services and other support for shareware developer Richard White, as well as for Crystal Shard. In June 2007, Jeff Vogel announced that the company would no longer be supporting Richard White's or Crystal Shard games, though they are still available for download through Spiderweb's main site.[5]


  • Exile II: Crystal Souls — 1995 "Shareware Game of the Year" (Honorable Mention), MacUser
  • Exile III: Ruined World — "Shareware Game of the Year", Computer Gaming World
  • Nethergate — "RPG of the Year" (Honorable Mention), Computer Games Magazine
  • Geneforge 4: Rebellion — "Indie RPG of the year" GameBanshee

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