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Sports Interactive Limited is a computer games development company currently based in Old Street, Central London and owned by the Japanese software and video game company Sega. It is the developer of the popular games Football Manager, NHL Eastside Hockey Manager and Championship Manager Quiz, and is the former developer of Championship Manager. Each release of Championship Manager has traditionally been one of the fastest selling PC games in the UK with Championship Manager 4 the fastest of all time.


Founded by Paul Collyer and Oliver Collyer, the company is commonly abbreviated to "SI" amongst fans of their games. In 2003, it was announced Sports Interactive would no longer develop games under the brand Championship Manager as this was owned by publisher Eidos Interactive. Instead on 12 February 2004 it was announced that Sports Interactive had signed a publishing deal with Sega and would produce its new football management games under the self-owned brand of Football Manager.

Sports Interactive have had a relationship with AFC Wimbledon since the club's formation: Championship Manager 01-02 contains a pro-AFC Wimbledon message occasionally visible at start-up (along with a similarly rare but now rather dated "Save Chip!" message), and they are currently AFC Wimbledon's main sponsors, with their logo appearing on the team strip.

In 2004, Sports Interactive announced a deal to help develop Markus Heinsohn's Out of the Park Baseball.[2]

On April 4, 2006 it was announced that Sega Holdings Europe Ltd, holding company for Sports Interactive's publishers Sega, had acquired Sports Interactive.

On January 1, 2007 Sports Interactive announced that they were beginning work on a new game. The only detail revealed has stated that the game will be football-based, however what aspect of the game to be captured has yet to be disclosed.

On April 20, 2007, Sports Interactive announced the release of a "brand new massively multiplayer online football management game" entitled Football Manager Live[3] similar to that of Football Manager 2007, but, as the name suggests, played completely online by up to 1000 people within any "gameworld" of which there will be multiple. The game was originally announced to be released in March 2008 but the game was actually released January 23, 2009.[4] The game uses a database comprising over 330,000 football players and 10 playable leagues. In addition, game players can talk to one another via in-game chats.



  • Miles Jacobson (Studio Director)
  • Craig Hunter (Graphics)
  • Philip Rolfe (Media)
  • Mark Woodger (Research and Localisation)
  • Dean Gripton (Head Researcher - England)
  • Simon Tipple (Research)
  • Risto Remes (Programmer)
  • Ed Lambert (Programmer)
  • Neil Brock (Community Administrator)


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